Home Thursdays- Renting Tips

Hey soapies,

Todays blog is a little different from what I intended but I felt this needed to be addressed as I myself am a renter and I would of loved this blog before renting.

These are some tips I would like to give :

  1. House or flat?:- A house and a flat are not much different apart from the stairs. I would say do what suits you however if your in the uk the more bedrooms you have the more tax. Therefore I would have enough rooms too suit you for instance – your going to be living with your partner first off look for a home which is only one bedroom because it would suit you to only have one bedroom.
  2. check the property out- before laying down any of that hard earned cash check the property. yes rightmove may make this dump of a flat look like a castle … believe it or not a lot of people do not check out the property first. Also check it has everything you need and you can have your pets or children! our flat said no pets but turns out three fish and two hamsters do not count as pets as long as they do not run about.. check with the landlord first though!
  3. What too look for?- wonky door? broken cupboard? leaking sink?- check these little things and make a note of it before you rent, when you rent and after you rent and take pictures… landlords can be crafty people however most are lovely genuine people.
  4. letting- the letting process will take a while and is nerve racking. You will be asked for a referee, your job will have a phone call and they will check your last 6 months of banking statements. They are very picky and therefore before you give the company the fee for the checking of this make sure you are certain that it will go through.
  5. keys- the keys will hopefully be given too you and a lot of paper will be signed. once this has done check the property again and take pictures before notifying anything that had a fault before you moved to the landlord.
  6.  Enjoy- remember moving is stressful but enjoy your first weeks in your new home!


so theres some tips , wnat anymore just ask. whats your tips? love soap xoxox


Wild Wednesday- how to cure that annoying summer cold ! 

Hey soapies , 

So today me and dbg inked have become ill … no not sick or not a normal illness … a cold in may ?!? 

Not normal no … 

Here’s my tips on how to cure it in 3 days 

1. Sleep – as much as it’s hard to do so try and sleep for longer than 8 hours as your body is weak remember it’s fighting off that pesky cold . 

2. Eat – eat food as much as your body’s like nah I wanna just fight this cold .. you need the energy ! Ps I love chicken soup .. makes me feel better  

3. Drink – drink water ! Only water so your body can re hydrate and you can get back to being you however ginger tea will help too and if you can’t sleep camomile tea however I find the marks and Spencer’s spiced tea makes me feel a bit better too 

4. Sunlight – try and open windows as much as you do not want too and try and get fresh air it will help 

5. Use a tissue and wash your hands – may sound obvious but seriously you will get better soon .

6. Have a bath – use a bath muscle soak or if you don’t have a bath some shower gel and wash your face a couple times a day extra too try and get rid of that cold 

What’s your tips ? Love soap xx

Wild Wednesday – make up draw ideas

Hey soapies ,

My make up draws are in my desk . I have three draws . 

1. Think about what you use everyday and how easy it is to access – I have mine in this order foundation, lipsticks and all my eye make up and eyebrow make up 

2. Design – is your draws suitable for all your make up or do you need bigger ones ? 

3. Think about the cost – draws can cost a lot ! So think about that

What does your make up draws look like ? 

Love soap xox

Food Tuesday : my top meal of the week 

Hey soapies ,

This week I stumbled on a little bargain from sainsburys . I am a lover of duck , it’s amazing ! So too find this duck so cheap was a suprise . 

There was plenty of meat enough for me and dbg inked and the sauce was divine ! The packaging is bright and everything is on the box . Easy to make and filled me up . However I find normally the price is a bit expensive but for duck it’s great value for money !!!

What’s your favourite food of the week ? Love soap xx

Tuesday food – omg I forgot to post?! On how to cook a steak with soaps flavourings perfectly !

Hey soapies , I did not forget to post but my post vanished … puff! So here’s a quick post 💋

So first off pick your steak , pick the size and what it looks like 

2. Put the flavourings on . I go for steak seasoning which you can get in supermarkets for literally 50p ! And then I like to add some herbs ( oragano , thyme and parsley) 

3. Use soaps secret ingredient- sesame seed oil ! – use this rather than normal oil and pan fry your steak for how ever long you want it 

So this is my tips . What’s yours? Love soap x

Mad Monday -advice : how to be a better ME! 

Hi soapies ,

I have recently heard a lot of you are feeling down or just worried about things so here’s just 5 steps I use to making me feel better and ultimately be the better me 

1. Bath- a nice warm bath can let you unwind and let off your stresses . For me this makes me feel a little happier and gives me a bit more energy . If you don’t have a bath , have a cold shower too wake you up 

2. Sleep- sleep for those 8 hours plus an extra half an hour . Why the extra half an hour ? The chances are you may lie there for a bit but don’t actually sleep . Make time for you.

3. Iron – for me I don’t have enough iron so I have a yakult in the morning with iron tablets and I start my day off like that . Obviously iron tablets may not suit you however there is many foods rich in iron 

4. Walk- just a short needless walk can sometimes make you feel a bit better and a little happier . This can take some of your stresses away 

5. Spotify- if you have not got the app then you can use other music but I have a mixed playlist which you will find under my name soapso . I mix my playlist so I vary my thoughts.

What’s your five steps to being you ? Lots of love soap x

Mad Monday :- higher end vs cheap red lipstick

Hellooo soapies ,

So today is Monday.. the day we all dread!

Here’s a little post on my fav “expensive ” red lipstick vs my fav “cheap ” red lipstick.

The high end is Rimmel and the cheaper end is w7!

1. Which colour stands out better ? W7. The colour looks brighter and shines brighter than the Rimmel 

2. Which lasts longer ? The Rimmel

3. Which smudges ? The w7 smudges easier the Rimmel 

4. Does any cause cracked lips ? After a while the w7 can

5. Which one did my partner prefer ? W7 ( no he did not buy either of them 😂 that would be biased lol) 

My overall favourite is the w7 shockingly! It’s easier to apply and has a lot more product than the Rimmel and costs about £5 less than the Rimmel . What’s your fav reds ? Let me know xx love soap x

Sleepy Sunday : is Poundland make up worth that pound ? 

Hey soapies ,

I’m back with a new product . I bought a wide variety of foundations from Poundland . This is my personal view so no hate … we all have our opinions! 

The make up gallery make up has stared at me so many times and said “buy me !” But I was resistant until a few days ago when I purchased foundations from Poundland .

Okay yes it was a pound and I’m not looking for an amazing foundation that would cost double that dirt cheap but I really wanted to see what makes this a little ( a lot !!!!) cheaper than my Mac and Rimmel foundations .

1. The bottle size is smaller than most foundations

2. No fancy packaging 

3. No fancy name 

4. The colours don’t Range that much 

5. The thickness 

6. How long it lasts

However the shade ivory 1 looks amazing on me and I honestly think I may use this as a base later to my Mac ! 

It makes me glow and I really think you should take a look in Poundland . What’s your thoughts ? Let me know lots of love soap xoxo ps what you doing this Sunday? 

Saturday – best razors for may ! 

Hey soapies ,

You may know I get each month the pink parcel box which is amazing ! You should soo check them out !! This month I had a razor in it .. it’s the bic miss soleil razor and I thought I’d give it a try and omg ! My legs are super smooth ! Highly recommended it. 

If you buy from Morrisons they are only £2 for a pack of 4 and are truly worth every penny . What do you think of these ? Lots of love soap xx

Fav Friday – food: drumsticks and thighs !

Hey soapies , 

So here’s a little blog on food for the weekend . This week my favs are these lovely thighs and drumsticks from sainsburys although I feel these are a tad expensive (over £5!) there is homemade ways of making these gorgeous thighs 

Soaps variations – I normally add thyme and oragano to thighs another is orange and lime zest … sounds weird but hella nice espeicially with lime juice or use BBQ sauce ( you can get packets for BBQ chicken for 50p in shops such as sainsburys ) . The cheapest place at the moment for meat I find is aldi . Where do you get your meat from and what’s your favourite thing to add to your chicken … lots of love soap x