New blog tomorrow

New blogggggggggggg is going up tomorrow I’m going too start trying to try new beauty products . Any ideas ? X Advertisements

Making enhiliadas with the Old El Paso kit 

Hey soapies , So tonight’s meal was enchiladas . I used a kit which cost £1.50 on offer in co op . It has 15 wraps in it so you can use any spares for other wraps/ meals so it’s a bargain really . I used a tiny bit of vegetable oil in a pan…

Cherry pie cream by patisserie 

Hey Soapies , The cherry pie hand cream by patisserie is a brilliant by . Not only does it last all day but it smells fresh and is perfect for November . It will soothe your hands and is Pocket size . What more do you want ? Xx love Soap xx

Another sister site

Hey soapies, I have a new site called This site is for products you would like me too test as well as sites and items I use everyday. I hope it will help you all.Follow me pleaaaase. I will speak too you tomorrow . Have a super awesome day. love, soap xox

The skyrim candle 

Hey soapies , I am a candle addict ! Yep I think anyone who has seen my home kinda has gathered that .  The other day my partner came home from work and said “look what I got “ I was praying inside it wasn’t either some weird item of food or more likely a…

My new super cool Radley watch

Hi soapies, If you know me you know that I love animals and Radley too. Radley is a brand from the uk which offers luxury items all with a little scotty dog either on or in them (not a literal dog… I wish!).For my 21st my 2nd oldest but not oldest sister … I made…

Food Tuesdays- The super cheese

Hey soapies, This may sound like a boring blog and I do apologise but I have found some super nice cheese. Its morrisons own cheese that costs £2 for 500ml. Its brilliant too melt and put in sandwiches and tastes super nice. I have never had morrisons own cheese but I would highly recommend it….

I am not really british?!

Hello soapies, so as I told you yesterday I did the ancestry DNA test. I knew I was going too be British I mean I have british family and somewhere my swiss and German side would come up but I did not realise how much I would be. I am 73 percent western European- mainly…

Sleepy sundays- Ancestry DNA

HIIII soapies, So for my 21st one of my sisters and my mum gave me a ancestry DNA kit. I was thrilled and nervous- it could either make my family tree completely correct or make me question everything. I was also sceptical about the process- like where does my DNA go? When do I find…

A food blog?

Hey, I just wanted too know if anyone would like me too do a tried and tested blog? if you would. let me know. love soap xx

This weeks blogs

(today) Style Saturday- Jacket Sleepy Sunday- Ancestry DNA Monday- DNA Results food Tuesday- The super cheap amazing super cheese Wednesday- Radley watch Home Thursday- Skyrim candle.. is it worth £8?!? beauty Fridays- A review of the patisserie sweet as cherry pie hand cream so stay tuned for this weeks blogs xxx

soaps saturday style- The Jacket of all jackets

Hey soapies, Anyone who knows me will know I have always worn denim Jackets. I love Jackets with a statement and a little bit of a difference too them. My fav Jacket is my blue denim jacket with gorgeous flowers embroided on it. Its good for all seasons. This jacket is by boohoo by I…