loreal la palette nude rose

We all make day to day little purchases and if your anything like me you will buy it if you like it without ever thinking is it good enough, A few months back I spotted this little treasure which was less than £20. I had no clue if it would be good or not however this palette is a MUST have. its small which is great for a girl with a small bag or make up bag with not your whole make up range in( yes every girl has something they have a lot of). the colour of the box is black and beautiful. It looks as if you spent a lot more money then what you actually did and the product itself is even better. ranging from soft creams to eye catching purple the eyeshadows can be used for a variety of reasons. the eyeshadows are easy to apply with a brush that is also included in this palette. if you don’t have a mirror do not worry this palette has it in it. There is no negatives from me on this purchase and I would recommend as its a perfect travel companion.

speak soon.

lots of love soap so xx

ps. As you can see the font fades with time but still cute



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