Hey soapies , today I thought I’d go through a concealer that I’ve used for a long time now it’s the wake me up by Rimmel concealer .

This concealer is liquid and easy to apply with its brush however it can be a little messy and that is something that no one wants so sadly that lets the product down .

Much like the foundation you have to make sure you get the correct shade . As I look like a vampire ( I’m honestly shiny like Edward Cullen ! Not a great look at all !! ) this concealer is okay for under my eyes but too much can make my face look like I’m caked in make up . Before buying this product id recommended you tested the product out . The concealer is one of the cheapest you can get and it’s seriously easy to take on your travels as it’s a tiny bottle. It also has a 2 year life span so pretty long lasting too .

As you can see mine has lasted quite a while . I think it’s one of the best cheap make up products you can get easily . Hope you like this blog do not forget to like and comment love you all lots soap xx ps tell me your fav concealer !!

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