Soap and glory love at first blush

Hey soapies , first off thanks for looking at my previous blog ☺️ really appreciate the support 😘.

Today’s little blog is on the soap and glory love at first blush . I have been asked if soap and glory is a great brand many times and I really feel it is and if you have not checked this brand out please do . If you have any questions do not hestitate to ask .

So … how long have I had the blush ? – for just under 2 months and have used it from the day it arrived . 

Where did I buy it and is it easy to buy ? – I bought mine of an app called vinted . It was easy to buy and it’s easy to buy on the high street as boots used to sell it I’m unsure if they still do . 

Would I buy it again ? :- I would if it was below £15 as I don’t normally wear blush 

Is it pigmented ?:- yes 

Is it the correct colours for my skin tone :- yes it definitely is correct for my vampire skin tone ! 

Have I had any allergic reactions ? – no , none at all .

Has the product caused any other skin problems ? – non at all 

Can you feel it’s on your face ?:- no it’s light and does not make you feel like your wearing a mountain of make up which is good . 

How do I apply it :- I apply mine with the buffing brush by real techniques. If you have not used real techniques I suggest you get some more brushes !!! I love these brushes . 

Any cool features ? – it has a mirror !?!?! 

Overall ..

  1.  it makes your skin have a natural blush glow 
  2. It’s small enough to travel with 
  3. A great selection of colours 
  4. It last for 8 hours ( perfect for work !!!!) 
  5. It’s my favourite blush

So I would give this product a 10/10 on the blush rating scale 🙂 x see you soon . Love you all lots , soap x #beauty #soapandglory #realtechniques #makeup #2017 #goodreview #Bright #skin #may #summer #travel #pretty


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