Complete everyday look with just 7 products

Complete everyday look with just 7 products – Collab with :
Hi soapies – today is a collab with Hana so be sure to check her post out too !! Here’s 7 ( which was hard to choice as I use a couple more items ) products I use for my everyday look.
1. Smash box photofinish foundation primer – this product smooths my skin and makes my foundation last for a long time. Despite me feeling it’s a great product it has a negative it states it’s oil free – this really drew me in however to me it feels greasy and meh on me . Anyone else have that? It can cost quite a lot too however on the plane back from Iceland I got a little bargain hehehe ! 

2. Reckon photoready perfecting primer – I have only used this item for two weeks so I’m no expertise on this one however I feel already it’s made my skin softer feeling and as stated by my partner dbg inked I feel like a squirrel … take it that means soft and is a compliment ! It’s a small glass bottle and is only 27 ml but it’s so worth it ! I am very impressed with this bottle of joy. 
3. Mac mineralize moisture spf 15- I got this product free from a friend ( what an awesome friend ay 😉) I have been ready reviews and sadly people don’t like this item however I love this foundation . It’s made my skin brighter and as I’m as pale as a vampire this is the first foundation that actually looks right for me ! It is however expensive and therefore I’m not sure if I could justify getting that product again well not for a while . It has great coverage and covers my moles something that I was always picked on as a child and always has made me want too cover up . It gives a lovely glow and blends perfectly . I can put it on and where it all day . Ps there’s no strong fragrance !
4. I ❤️ make up hearts in share golden goddess – I can’t find any reviews on here so here’s my little review it’s got a gorgeous glow and is easy to apply . Suits all skin tones and is my favourite highlighter ! 
5. Soap and glory love at first blush – just wow ! Simply describes it … this little kit is 75g of pure magic . The box is round and easy to travel with and it has a range of stunning bright colours . Also with a little mirror it’s perfect for applying in a rush. Ps use the real techniques buffing brush for a great looking blush. 

6. Soap and glorys sexy motherpucker in Pom Pom – this is my lipstick of the month ! It suits me and my skin tone ( remember I have pale vampire skin or something from izombie )and is creamy , easy to apply and most importantly lasts all day. The packaging is sleek and the finish is simply amazing . You need to try this lipstick ! 

And finally … 

7. Naked 2 urban decay palette – I had heard of this for ages so last year in Debenhams in Bristol with a very bored George I bought this palette. Well actually he did for me ! The colours are great and the packaging is stylish and trendy. Despite the price tag of £25 I really do think you should try it. It’s worth every penny and for me I use it most days so definitely worth the money . 
So that’s it soapies … comment if you love this post or want too know more and tell me your thoughts plus if there’s anything you suggest I buy and review . Thanks for reading and remember to check out Hana and her post ! Speak soon , love you all lots 



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