Homeware- mantle piece items 

I love fireplaces and feel it’s a nice way to make a home feel more homely . Here’s my current fireplace and what I have on here xso first item is the lights from sainsburys that cost £12 they can be used for a variety of things but I feel they look perfect where they are right now .  Secondly , is my set of draws which I bought from a local shop however other places sell similar items . Draws not only look cool but they provide space for little bits you find in your home such as random buttons I find … no idea where they come from ! 

Thirdly , is the lovely date display unit ( what do you call them lol ) from sainsburys that was £8 and it adds a little sophistication to your home and finally is my little pot with a orchid in however the orchid has lost its flowers 😦 the pot however was from Ikea . So that’s my fireplace . What’s yours like and anyone have anything I could do better or anything they wanted to know ? Just let me know . Speak soon , love soap xx 

Fireplace , 2017, home , homeware , fireplace , draws, date , calendar , pot , orchid , sainsburys, Ikea , lights , local , shop , pretty 


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