Whisper Wednesday my secrets… for longer lasting red lips! 

Hey soapies today’s blog is a little different and not like the normal blog but here it is . 

The product I use is : Tanya Burr cosmetics in shade Christmas stocking 

How long have I had it ?: just under 1 month , used it from the very first day 

Where did I get it ? :  my friend … I know what a great friend !! 

Is it waterproof ? : yes ! As a uk citizen I can definitely say it’s waterproof ( if your not from the uk … the U.K. Is known for its terrible weather ) 

Is it pigmented ? – yes ! 

Does it moisturise or help with cracked lips ? : hmm… I’m going to say no because it’s a gloss 

Is it sticky ? : not at all ! 

Does it dry out ? : yes but this is perfect for putting over another red and it will last all day . 

Does the product stand out ? : yes your lips 👄 will look perfect 😍

Can you feel your wearing it : put a small amount on otherwise you will do . If you put a small amount on it will feel smooth and nice . You won’t even notice it . 

Does it crack or smudge ?: it does not crack for me . It will smudge if too much is on. 

So here’s the tip put a lipstick on your lips then place over it a couple dabs of the Tanya burr product and then let it dry. It will stay all day and will last longer . What’s your tips? Any comments or questions or want me to blog about something let me know ❤️ xx lots of love soap xx makeup , Wednesday , tips , secrets , red , lips , lipstick , top tips, Tanya burr , bright , long , lasting 


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