Ciate London triple shot mascara review

So soapies I received a while ago this little mascara which I never knew before ciate did mascara ? Did you know ? If you did well I feel like an idiot now ! 

So here’s my little review 

What’s the packaging like ?- the packaging is standard but clearly states the product.

Does the applicator look good and work well ?- yes the applicator Apply’s the mascara to the lashes well 

Does the mascara smudge ? – no 

Is it waterproof?- hella no … I came out of the shower and omg it was like I was an actress on eastenders … not my kinda look ! 

Does the mascara last? – yes it will last all day 

Does the mascara look natural – yes it will lengthen your lashes yet make them look natural …. something I always worry about with mascara 

Would I buy again ?- definitely however it’s all about that price tag on the product 

So that’s my little review what’s your thoughts ? Speak tomorrow lots of love soap xx


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