Hamster care- food for may

Hey soapies ,

Just a super quick blog on the food I am using for my robo (robrovski) hamsters . Dwarf hamsters can get fussy as they get older in fact the truth is don’t buy expensive food as a treat as they then refuse anything else … I was only intending on this food for Christmas !

I would recommend the burgess dwarf hamster mix as it is small pieces however it is a tad expensive . 

What are mine having at the moment ?- my hamsters are having the burgess mix and have for treats mealworms and these carrot parcels which look like shreddies but are not ! I do also give occasionally a tiny bit of goats milk ( like I mean a really tiny bit ) as their fur was really bad when I bought them from a pet shop . Be careful as hamsters can be diabetic.

What do you feed your hamsters and any recommendations? Lots of love soap 


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