Sleepy Sunday :-My how to get glossy lips : cath kidston rose lip balm

Hey soapies , 

Today I’m going to be talking about the cath kidston Rose lip balm 

1. Where was it purchased ? : Exeter and cost £1!?! 

2. Does the packaging look good ?: it has a true cath kidston look too it 

3. Can you take it travelling ?: yes it’s a perfect size 

4. What size is it ?: 10 ml 

5. Does the product smell ?: yes of roses 🌹… if you do not like roses I do not recommend this product aha

6. Is there instructions of how to use ?: yes on the back 

7. Does it cause cracked lips : no

8: is it sticky ?: very !!! So do not put too much on ! 

My tip for use :- apply a small amount to your finger and apply over your lips 👄 for a even glossy look. 

Does this help and how do you get glossy looks ? X lots of love soap xx also what time do you want blogs up? X


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