Wild Wednesday- how to cure that annoying summer cold ! 

Hey soapies , 

So today me and dbg inked have become ill … no not sick or not a normal illness … a cold in may ?!? 

Not normal no … 

Here’s my tips on how to cure it in 3 days 

1. Sleep – as much as it’s hard to do so try and sleep for longer than 8 hours as your body is weak remember it’s fighting off that pesky cold . 

2. Eat – eat food as much as your body’s like nah I wanna just fight this cold .. you need the energy ! Ps I love chicken soup .. makes me feel better  

3. Drink – drink water ! Only water so your body can re hydrate and you can get back to being you however ginger tea will help too and if you can’t sleep camomile tea however I find the marks and Spencer’s spiced tea makes me feel a bit better too 

4. Sunlight – try and open windows as much as you do not want too and try and get fresh air it will help 

5. Use a tissue and wash your hands – may sound obvious but seriously you will get better soon .

6. Have a bath – use a bath muscle soak or if you don’t have a bath some shower gel and wash your face a couple times a day extra too try and get rid of that cold 

What’s your tips ? Love soap xx


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