Fab Fridays – prom lipstick ideas 

Hey soapies ,

It’s prom season and I know how you all wanna be a princess for your prom so here’s some of mine and dbg inkeds favourite colours so you can look fab and maybe kiss that Prince ( if you have any in your school haha !!) 

1. Pink – Mac wear with flare – costs £12- shimmering and a light touch perfect for natural make up and looks perfect in any light … perfect for a pink princess 

2. Red – avon 2000 red – price unknown – perfect for you if you want too be daring and dbg inked says it’s “red” and “good for kissing “… soooo girls it’s noticeable !! I definetely feel this colour is perfect and it lasts for a long time 

3. Dark pink – Rimmel Kate 05- £5 approx – this lipstick not only lasts for ages but makes your natural beauty stand out , be careful as these lipsticks look lighter than when actually applied.

4. Orange – Barry m 151- unknown –

Unique and soooo different it’s for a girl who is the trend setter . Orange is a daring colour but I think this year is the year to try it and this colour is perfect for you if you want something that stands out from the crowd .. who wants to be the boring girl ??

5. Purple – soap and glory in Pom Pom- £15 approx – my fav lipstick and lovely colour , it will make you feel amazing and lasts for so long you don’t need to check yourself in the mirror .

What’s your thoughts ? What did you use at your prom ?  Speak soon love soap xox 


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