Mad Mondays – Top 5 foundations for light skin 

Hey soapies ,

I’m back with a better blog than this morning which I felt lacked a bit of me … mainly because I was tired and had work but no excuses this one is gonna be hella good !! ( wow I have not put that in a while !! ) 

These are my favs in the order I feel is best 

1. Mac moisture spf 15- light and lushious this foundation looks great on . It makes you have a natural glow and dries fast yet stays on … hope that makes sense ! You will look amazing and despite the price I really think you should check this product out . 

2. Make up gallery – nude 3- slightly darker that ivory 1 this one will make you look a little darker so it’s perfect for when I do not want too look like I have vampire skin ! The product glides on and will cover any imperfections and is amazing concidering it’s £1 from Poundland ?!?!!!

3. Rimmel wake me up foundation in ivory – 

I used this all the time at college and definetely made me more youthful and makes you brighten up . It’s affordable at £8 however the squirty pump annoys me and I have no idea why aha 

4. L’Oréal true match – vanilla rose –

This is a great foundation and certainly gives you a great glow I would highly recommend it but it does normally cost quite a lot . 

5. Santee foundation – 

I love this foundation however I live in the uk and I can’t get it as it’s American !! But this is silly and easy to apply and gives me a more golden look .

What’s your fav foundation and why? 

Ps . Look on depop people always sell foundation cheap on there 🙂 hope this helps love soap xx


6 thoughts on “Mad Mondays – Top 5 foundations for light skin ”

      1. There’s samples?? Where?!
        I’m really pale so I’m usually in the lightest, I might want to get a shade a tiny bit darker so I can look at least a bit tan this summer! Thanks. 💖


      2. I have seen them on blogs online but I’m not sure where .Otherwise look on sites like depop and vinted as people buy the products and never use it so you can get it cheap . I am the same and I always get a slightly darker shade for summer xx

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