Sleepy Sunday – how to save money on your shopping 

Helloooo soapies ,

Ever wanted to save some money on your shopping ? Well here’s my steps to saving money ! 

1. Coupons – 

As simple as it sounds coupons will save you money . There are many coupon apps out there but also some websites do have them and always check local papers however do be money smart and think about the item that has that mark down price !

2. Apps- 

As I mentioned apps can help . I use mySupermarket to save money and know what shops are cheaper . Do you use an app and if so what? 

3. Cards-

Some stores have cards that will save you money for instance Superdrug do a beauty card which works out eventually as money . Nectar card is also a great one to have ! 

4. Timing –

Going into shops on a certain day at certain times actually can get you cheaper products for instance an hour before closing most supermarkets reduce bakery items to 10 p ! Also supermarkets often reduce the hot food items between 7 and 8 pm ! 

5. Bulk-

Buying in bulk can save you money in the long run however you have to really think do you need that many items . I feel sometimes this isn’t a smart move .

What’s your money saving tips? Lots of love soap xx


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