Fab Friday -Cars! 

Hey soapies ,

Here’s 5 tips to getting your first / new car 

1. Insurance – try and find a car that is cheap insurance – you have probably heard that constantly but it will help and also a sensible car . By sensible I mean no custom made parts and not a car that is often used in crashes for instance corsas can be classified as a dangerous car by some insurance companies.

2. Tax- take into account the tax . If your lucky like me it’s only £30 for the whole year

3. Parts – if your car is not a common car or does not have common parts it could cost you a lot so research this and also the cost of common replacement parts on that car

4. Age – yes we all want a brand new car however all ages of cars can have problems . It’s best too get as newer car as you can afford but do be careful and ask for someone else too look at the car before purchase 

5. Price – is the price really fair ? If not do not just buy it because you like the car . Haggle a bit and look elsewhere. When finding my first car I went through I think 4 cars before I bought the one I got . I luckily test drove the cars and one honestly had no brake lights and no indicators!! And another had a dodgy clutch !! So always check ! 

For more tips or advice just ask 

Love soap xx


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