Saturday 17th June 2017-The major apology! And the Mac select moisture cover concealer 

Hello soapies ,

Today was manic and so I didn’t get a chance too set up my scheduled blog yesterday … very sorry ! 

This concealer is a recent purchase so I am no expert on this .

1. Is it lightweight ?- yes , not only the bottle is easy to travel with but the product stays on your skin all day without you even remembering you put it there 

2. Does the colour suit me ?- yes , the colour matches my mac foundation and does cover my bags ( I know I’m 20 but even I have them 😂)

3. Is the product easy to apply ?- yes , with the applicator it’s simple to put on however one tips is wipe on the side of the tub 3 times the applicator otherwise you will get a massive amount of concealer on your face 

4. Is this a favourite of yours ? – it’s one of my favourites . It’s in the top 5 but isn’t my most favourite 

5. Would I recommend it ?- yes , for general coverage it’s good but for spots or dark circles it isn’t too brilliant .

What’s your thoughts ? Let me know 

Love soap xxx


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