Tuesday – lush dirty 

Hello soapies ,

Toothpaste – something we don’t often talk about is our teeth and for me it’s something that annoys me . No matter how hard I try I can’t have white teeth . It’s impossible however since the use of this little bottle my teeth look and feel ( if that’s possible) better .

The bottle is the right size and perfect for travelling . I like the fact that the products are like mini sweets except you chew them and don’t swallow . I have got used too the taste but my partner is not too keen on it . It is very strong and leaves your mouth numb . After a while you will become used too it . 

It does cost a bit but for the perfect smile can you put a price on it ? Has anyone else used these lush toothy tabs ? Let me know and let me know what’s your favourite toothpaste for pearly whites x love soap xxx


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