Day 2

Day 2 of the simple challenge – so today I used one of my simple wipes again followed by the spotless skin face wash and then toner then both my simple moisturisers . My skin already feels smooth however I've noticed a few spots have come up …. does the spotless skin attract spots then…

Day 1 of the simple challenge

Day 1 done ✅- my skin feels amazing ( it doesn't in real life look like I am glowing 😂😂) I really think I'm gonna like this routine ! Tell me your routines x

Herbal essences ? What’s happened ?

I'm in shock I've used this product without anything else for three weeks and now my hairs got dandruff !?! I have too wash my hair everyday or literally it will look like I plonked aload of grease on it ! Tell me what you use love soap xx