Must eat takeaway meals 

Hey soapies , so along side my little veg dish I am having this Chinese from farmfoods . It was only £1.29 so a fraction of a take away and looked simple too cook. Anyone else tried this ? Let me know your thoughts and what your having for dinner tonight xx love soap  Advertisements

What do I do with the veg ? 

Hey everyone , I had loads of veg that cost me 10p each at Asda at 9pm . Always worth buying … I mean a lime for 10p can be used for cooking , drinking and for cleaning products . What I do is have a layer of potato and then out loads of veg…

The meals verdict – 10/10?

Okay well tonight’s meal was super delicous however the portions would suit more a single person as they shrunk once cooking . Very delicious but purely based on the portion sizes I wouldn’t buy again . It also left my dish in a state lookI used the antibacterial fairy which was 80p from savers on…

Farm foods bargain ?

These cost me £2 ! It only takes 20 mins too cook .. I’m not sure whether it’s a bargain or not but we will soon find out , looks lovely . I am going to put potato squares with it and have a little sweet treat for after . Fingers crossed it’s lush ….

I’m back 

Right I’m back and we will have a blog every Sunday and Tuesday ! Plus in the mean time check out my photography blog and my instagrams 🙂 x love soap x