Getting advice from Asosxmylittlebox ?!?

Hey soapies ( my phone changed that too stalkies…. no you are not that !! 😂) ,

Today’s little blog is simply on the my little box . Now I’ve only heard of this little box from a few people and it all sounds good so I thought why not try it . So I said goodbye too pinkparcel for a bit and hello too my little box . 

Yes it’s not a box this month , they joined up with Asos ( my fav online store like ever .. I think !!!) the bag is not only cute and practical but definetely gives a chic vibe . In it was a selection of items I wouldn’t normally buy and that’s a good thing because it means I’m trying new stuff . 

The cutest bit is the 31 day “advice “ book which is filled with lots of quotes and statements too make your day much brighter and better . Today’s was a quote from a book and already I feel impowered to do something today too make me smile and happy . 

So have you tried this box or know any other subscription boxes you want me too try let me know xx love soap xx


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