Saturday- the case of the no diy and what I plan for the next week 

Hey soapies , 

So I’m gonna start doing more regular blogs on the weekend and focus a bit more on you all .. I’ve left you all for so long . 

So this week has been hectic like I can’t even describe how mad , from birthdays too meals for people it’s been a mad week . Plus I’ve got a new cooker which is amazing !! And cooks brilliantly it’s the goodmans 8 in 1 and wow it’s good . May do a review at some point on it . 

George won at an auction a chest which was super cool and we were going too do it up and even made plans for it and I went too collect it too find they had sold it to someone else … completely devastated 😦 ! 

Also we bought the hamsters some new treats and they love them . If you have hamsters tell me what yours like as mine are super fussy . Plus we tried sexing hedgy the hamster again and this time I think he is a she but idk all I can say is there has been no little dwarf hamsters walking round .  

What’s your weeks been like ? Let me know xx love you all lots , Soap xx


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