I am not really british?!

Hello soapies,

so as I told you yesterday I did the ancestry DNA test. I knew I was going too be British I mean I have british family and somewhere my swiss and German side would come up but I did not realise how much I would be.

I am 73 percent western European- mainly Luxemburg, France, Germany and Switzerland and only 16 percent united kingdom!!!!- I was super shocked at that. I am also many small amounts of other countries too.

I always felt a connection with Switzerland something I can not really say the feelings. It feels almost like you belong there. When I last went too Switzerland people thought I was Swiss and tried too speak too me in German.

The DNA test if you opt for it will tell you who your related too and whether there’s any matches on our trees. I had 40 4th-6th cousins!! I couldn’t believe it and even though right now I can not tell how were related once I have put the full family tree on ancestry I will know.

I would like too tell you that honestly it makes you feel more like you know yourself and you can find people who are all around the world and are actually related too you. If your sceptical I would honestly tell you too just go for it. who knows what you will discover.

lots of love, soap xox


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