The skyrim candle 

Hey soapies ,

I am a candle addict ! Yep I think anyone who has seen my home kinda has gathered that . 

The other day my partner came home from work and said “look what I got “ I was praying inside it wasn’t either some weird item of food or more likely a super expensive game that really isn’t worth the £55 they charge . Too my shock it was a candle but not just any candle a skyrim candle that cost £8?! 

Now I thought £8 ! £8 for that? But surprisingly it smells quite nice and lasts upto 30 hours . So for anyone doubting those gaming candles at Game , go buy one ! They are brilliant . 

Lots of love ,

Soap xox


3 Comments Add yours

    1. soapso says:

      It is nice ! It smells really fresh . They do loads of other games but some don’t smell so good xx

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