How too look fabulous in 20 years

hey soapies ,

now I can’t promise eternal youth with the product however a lady used too come in my shop and she looked about 45 she was 80!!! I was pretty shocked and asked her what her secret was and she said everyday since her 20s she has used Anne French cleansing milk on her face .

since then I’ve used it and ifs a fab product. It glides on the face and wipes off the toughest of make up ! It also has a nice smell too it and one bottle is about 3 months worse of milk .


What do use too make you feel young?


Lots of love,

soap x


The difference between a friend and an acquaintance

hey soapies,

this is a hard post for me. Over the past few years I’ve been busy with work and college and didn’t understand why “friends” did not talk too me or blamed me for not seeing them.

As a young adult or even an adult sometimes we are blinded by the busy lives we live and don’t realise that some of our “friends” are actually aquaintances.

For me a friend is someone you can call , message or snapchat without a fear of judgement . Someone who will meet you and understand you have a busy or difficult life . Someone who won’t show you off . Someone who will speak too you for ages and won’t get bored.

A friend will laugh with you not at you . They won’t make you feel small but will make you feel loved.

Sometimes friends become acquaintances because of distance however they will remain friends because they are the same when you see each other again.

I have a small friend circle and I have learnt that now . Just because you don’t have a million friends it does not mean your not a valued person. So if you feel alone call that friend , write it down or FaceTime them. You thought of someone then… Remember that’s your true friend.

ps. Sorry this was a soppy post just had a terrible day and I’ve suddenly realised my true friends.

speak to you tomorrow ,

soap xox

This month is crazy

Hey people ,

This month is super crazy with work and my home life . You may also wanna check out my photography blog which is being updated soon and my other blog which is going to become a lifestyle and travel trying blog ( I need a new name !!!) also check out this blog every Sunday as there will be new things I’ve tried , tested and even bought that will be put onto it . I really hope you are all right . Love ya all lots ,

Soap x