Mad Monday -advice : how to be a better ME! 

Hi soapies ,

I have recently heard a lot of you are feeling down or just worried about things so here’s just 5 steps I use to making me feel better and ultimately be the better me 

1. Bath- a nice warm bath can let you unwind and let off your stresses . For me this makes me feel a little happier and gives me a bit more energy . If you don’t have a bath , have a cold shower too wake you up 

2. Sleep- sleep for those 8 hours plus an extra half an hour . Why the extra half an hour ? The chances are you may lie there for a bit but don’t actually sleep . Make time for you.

3. Iron – for me I don’t have enough iron so I have a yakult in the morning with iron tablets and I start my day off like that . Obviously iron tablets may not suit you however there is many foods rich in iron 

4. Walk- just a short needless walk can sometimes make you feel a bit better and a little happier . This can take some of your stresses away 

5. Spotify- if you have not got the app then you can use other music but I have a mixed playlist which you will find under my name soapso . I mix my playlist so I vary my thoughts.

What’s your five steps to being you ? Lots of love soap x