Must eat takeaway meals 

Hey soapies , so along side my little veg dish I am having this Chinese from farmfoods . It was only £1.29 so a fraction of a take away and looked simple too cook. Anyone else tried this ? Let me know your thoughts and what your having for dinner tonight xx love soap 


Food – so juicy garlic chicken

Hey soapies ,

Yesterday I felt like not making food for tea ( ever get that? ) so I found one of my so juicy packets .

It’s simple you have the bags and the herbs and you add the chicken too the bag . Remember cook chicken till it’s completely cooked and too check piece a hole through the bag and then a knife through the chicken too check if it’s done .

So here’s the overall score 

Fast cooking ?- 5/10 – depends on the chicken and the oven you have 

Easy too cook – 10/10 

Nice too eat – 10/10

Not spicy – 10/10

So overall this is a new little favourite of mine . What’s your so juicy favourite ? X

Love soap xx

Wild Wednesday – breakfast food for June 

Hey soapies, a little later than usual .. sorry about that but I had fallen asleep last night half way through blogging ?!? Haha 

Today I’m going to say the things I have been having for breakfast ( when I do have breakfast !) 

1. Pancakes – you can get some awesome little pancakes from sainsburys and they are great with a little bit of butter or add strawberry and ice cream 😋

1. Oatcakes – oatcakes are awesome and coat 90 p for 6 from sainsburys . I love the texture which kinda reminds me of a crumpet and a pancake in one . It says to add cheese on the packaging however I have not done that I have simply added a lot of unhealthy sweet items too mine haha ! 

What’s your June breakfast favourites ? Ps follow my insta too see all the food I eat … it’s a lot haha !!! 

Love soap xx

Friday – salmon and prawns 

Hey soapies , 

Here’s a super easy meal for you today it’s salmon and prawns .

However I have a twist . I first of all cook the prawns alone for one minute then add lemon juice . You can add sesame seed oil too for flavour but I personally add cherry coke about 50-100 ml ( sounds weird but adds flavour ).

Then cook your salmon too however cooked you want it . Then add black pepper.

To serve make a bed of cucumber add the salmon and put some prawns on top. Enjoy . What do you do to your prawns .

Speak again tomorrow ,

Love soap xx

Tuesday food – omg I forgot to post?! On how to cook a steak with soaps flavourings perfectly !

Hey soapies , I did not forget to post but my post vanished … puff! So here’s a quick post 💋

So first off pick your steak , pick the size and what it looks like 

2. Put the flavourings on . I go for steak seasoning which you can get in supermarkets for literally 50p ! And then I like to add some herbs ( oragano , thyme and parsley) 

3. Use soaps secret ingredient- sesame seed oil ! – use this rather than normal oil and pan fry your steak for how ever long you want it 

So this is my tips . What’s yours? Love soap x

Fav Friday – food: drumsticks and thighs !

Hey soapies , 

So here’s a little blog on food for the weekend . This week my favs are these lovely thighs and drumsticks from sainsburys although I feel these are a tad expensive (over £5!) there is homemade ways of making these gorgeous thighs 

Soaps variations – I normally add thyme and oragano to thighs another is orange and lime zest … sounds weird but hella nice espeicially with lime juice or use BBQ sauce ( you can get packets for BBQ chicken for 50p in shops such as sainsburys ) . The cheapest place at the moment for meat I find is aldi . Where do you get your meat from and what’s your favourite thing to add to your chicken … lots of love soap x