My super easy and cheap kitchen accessories

Hey Soapies ,

A little bit boring but here’s my blog today on my kitchen and the items I have . So I have a knife block which I always wanted one but they are normally so expensive I just stuck too random colourful knives in one of my draws which was like a finger trap every time I went in there . This block was from Asda and only cost £4 after Christmas ! So it was a bargain !

The next up is my stag container without the stag lid which contains straws and was £3 I believe in matalan . Followed by my super cheap containers from wilkos which can be used for anything and a brilliant for flour etc but cost from £3 so not bad and they look cute and they have a blackboard top … what more do you want ?

The sweet jars were from my mum but they can from Sainsburys and the spice rack was £9.99 in bandm and is practically all the spices and herbs you need ! What’s your bargain kitchen accessories and tell me what you want me too blog about x love Soap xx


Monday – Sally Hanson nail varnish remover 

Hey soapies ,

I have three types of nail varnish remover . The most expensive one is this one . The bottle is good size and looks presentable . The liquid itself is pink however when applied too your nails it does not dye them ( I know it’s not meant too but trust me I once had it where my nails got died pink from nail varnish … not a great look!) .

The nail varnish remover is extremely strong and if applied onto kitchen roll it can stick so I use a kitchen roll piece. Overall the product is a great nail polish remover and I would give it a 10/10.

What’s your thoughts ? Let me know . Love soap x

Monday – forever soap

Hey soapies,

Ironically today I am going to be talking about a soap I use everyday . It’s by the brand forever and costs £15 . 

The products in a big bottle which is sad as I would like it smaller . The product comes out clear yet thick.

It makes your skin silky smooth and can be used by all the family . 

Anyone used any other forever products? 

Love soap xx

Monday – 1 week review of the elso face cream 

Hey soapies !

After a week of use my skin feels amazing and looks radiant . I feel so refreshed and have my “glow” back .

I really think this product is worth a try and has also helped with my spot problem I recently acquired ( I’ve been stressed ! ) so thank you else and thank you Veleza for letting me try this product.

Love soap xx

Monday – smashbox photofinish primer

Hey soapies ,

I have a feeling I have done a post on this little primer before however I have been asked too show all 33 items in my top make up draw . 

So this item is a tad expensive ( however I got it cheaper on a plane ). I had heard of smashbox products and dared to buy one . This primer says it has no oil however it is the MOST oilest primer ever. 

However does it do what it says? Yes you will look like a model or a edited picture . It will make your make up look flawless.

It will be noticeable to you that it’s on ( it feels sticky ) but all your friends will envy you . What’s your fav primer ? Let me know love soap xx

Make up Monday – foundation tips 

Hey soapies ,

This is a quick blog and isn’t anything too brilliant . Here’s some quick tips 

1. Brush or sponge – use what you want however I feel for a base layer use a brush then to make sure there’s no streaks . Nothing worse than that!

2. Colour –

Check your colour is right ! To do this go to a beauty expert at a local beauty place for instance mac or boots . Try testers . Do not ever feel obligated to buy that “super perfect foundation ” when you think hellllll no I look weird as hell . It’s okay to just ask for advice .

3. Light – use a light and 2 mirrors . Why two ? Because you want different lights to make sure it looks okay . You do not want too have a line where your natural skin tone is shown

Give me some tips . Speak soon , love soap xx

Mad Mondays – Top 5 foundations for light skin 

Hey soapies ,

I’m back with a better blog than this morning which I felt lacked a bit of me … mainly because I was tired and had work but no excuses this one is gonna be hella good !! ( wow I have not put that in a while !! ) 

These are my favs in the order I feel is best 

1. Mac moisture spf 15- light and lushious this foundation looks great on . It makes you have a natural glow and dries fast yet stays on … hope that makes sense ! You will look amazing and despite the price I really think you should check this product out . 

2. Make up gallery – nude 3- slightly darker that ivory 1 this one will make you look a little darker so it’s perfect for when I do not want too look like I have vampire skin ! The product glides on and will cover any imperfections and is amazing concidering it’s £1 from Poundland ?!?!!!

3. Rimmel wake me up foundation in ivory – 

I used this all the time at college and definetely made me more youthful and makes you brighten up . It’s affordable at £8 however the squirty pump annoys me and I have no idea why aha 

4. L’Oréal true match – vanilla rose –

This is a great foundation and certainly gives you a great glow I would highly recommend it but it does normally cost quite a lot . 

5. Santee foundation – 

I love this foundation however I live in the uk and I can’t get it as it’s American !! But this is silly and easy to apply and gives me a more golden look .

What’s your fav foundation and why? 

Ps . Look on depop people always sell foundation cheap on there 🙂 hope this helps love soap xx