Biore deep pore cleanser review 

Hey soapies , Here’s my little review today on the biore deep pore cleanser.
1. Does it smell? – yes , it smells sweet- very hard too explain the smell .

2. Is it long lasting ? – in terms of the bottle size it’s lasted me a year and really helps my skin 

3. Is it cheap / on offer?- sadly it is normally a set £4 but it does help with your skin especially as a young adult and you will feel it working and that’s something you don’t always find in products these days .

4. Do I know anyone who recommends it ?- me haha ! Apart from me no one else I know uses it.

5. Have I used it before ? – I have used biore tabs that rip the blackheads out but I wasn’t too impressed with it but I still gave this ago and I honestly love this product . 

6. How much is in the bottle ?- the bottle which has a squeezy pump had 200ml in it which doesn’t sound much but you literally need this smallest amount and it will cover your face.

7.How long does it last once opened?- 12 months

8.What’s the packaging like ?- it’s plain but bold enough – nothing fancy 

9. Is it easy to use ? – very easy , just put it on your face and then rub it in before washing off and I do that twice a day . Makes me also stay awake lol ! 

10. Is it a 10/10 and would I recommend- yes definitely 10/10 and I would definitely tell you too buy it !! Let me know if you have used it or a product similar and let me know if you love or loath this product – love soap xx


Thursday – clean and clear dual action moisturiser 

Hey soapies ,

Ever find moisturisers too sticky? Well you will not with this one . It smoothes over the skin . It will prevent spots and makes it also easier too put make up on . 

The product comes out well and is a small enough too fit in a bag . The product is relatively cheap too buy and will help with small amounts of spots. What do you think ? X love soap x

Tuesday – real techniques miracle eraser sponges 

Hey soapies,

So have you ever seen these before ? Well I hadn’t till a couple weeks ago when I bought them in Asda. They look tiny and each individual sponge has so many sides so you can remove make up easily .

I thought it was worth a buy and a try and it so was . I’ve never had any faults with real techniques and use my brushes everyday . What do you use to remove your eye make up ? Let me know … love soap xx

Monday – 1 week review of the elso face cream 

Hey soapies !

After a week of use my skin feels amazing and looks radiant . I feel so refreshed and have my “glow” back .

I really think this product is worth a try and has also helped with my spot problem I recently acquired ( I’ve been stressed ! ) so thank you else and thank you Veleza for letting me try this product.

Love soap xx

Friday – catrice blush 

Hey soapies ,

Here’s a quick review on this little blush 

1. Is it cheap ? – yes I paid 25p for it !!!

2. Does it last ?- yes , for a few hours 

3. Does the colours suit ?- yes it goes great with my skin tone 

4. Do I use it regularly ?- I did before I got my mac as my Mac lasts longer and looks better 

5. Does it apply easily ?- no , I have to add my mac prep and prime too my brushes too get it too apply nicely and evenly .

Have you used a catrice product ? Let me know . Love soap xxx

Thursday – max factor bronzing powder in shade golden

Heyyyyy soapies ! 

So in England we have had some really hot days and so I think we can call it officially a proper summer . If you do not know the uk then you will not know our summer is unpredictable . Our weather can change literally in seconds 😂.

So I thought this post is handy for those who want a little bronzer to add to their not so tanned face .

This bronzer not only glows but really makes you look naturally tanned . I love the look of the box and the feel of the product on your skin .. it doesn’t feel cakey . 

The colour Golden looks great if you mix with liquid foundation too .

What’s your bronzer your using and give me tips !

Lots of love 

Soap xx