Part 1 of up cycling month : How to upcycle a treasure chest

Hey soapies ,

On Christmas Day I received a chest which was battered and definitely needed some love ( it was falling off everywhere and looked dreadful … that Word there I love as my nanny used too always say I looked dreadful and despite it being a horrible saying it just made me laugh ) anyway … the chest first off had all the rubbishy bits that were peeling taken off ( a whole bin bag! ) I used a wet wipe too get all the dust off ( magical item that is ! )

Then I used lord shurtons wood balsam over the wood carefully ( that was a purchase I didn’t intend but there was no wax in my town so this £2.50 savour was too the rescue ) followed by a sand and then another bit of balsam and a sand . This was all over a few days and did take a lot of time . I then finally varnished it too give it a darker look . This 1800s chest would have been chucked within a few years but now it’s preserved and it’s going too be my new blanket box . It just needs the fabric inside glueing … does anyone have any glue recommendations? Hope you have a lovely day x lots of love Soap xx


Tuesday – lush dirty 

Hello soapies ,

Toothpaste – something we don’t often talk about is our teeth and for me it’s something that annoys me . No matter how hard I try I can’t have white teeth . It’s impossible however since the use of this little bottle my teeth look and feel ( if that’s possible) better .

The bottle is the right size and perfect for travelling . I like the fact that the products are like mini sweets except you chew them and don’t swallow . I have got used too the taste but my partner is not too keen on it . It is very strong and leaves your mouth numb . After a while you will become used too it . 

It does cost a bit but for the perfect smile can you put a price on it ? Has anyone else used these lush toothy tabs ? Let me know and let me know what’s your favourite toothpaste for pearly whites x love soap xxx

Tuesday – gorgeous glow by collection 

Hey soapies ,

This one was not bought by me . It was given to me by my friend who disliked the product . I thought I’d give it ago however for me this product is too bright . The powder looks cakey and does not look right in certain lights .

The product I believe is cheap but sadly for me it is cheap for a reason . I do still have this product though because you can not just chuck make up away … right ? 

Hope your all okay and tell me a colour / item that just does not suit you . 

Speak tomorrow ,

Soap xx

Ps. Check out my new little post on Veleza and here on a new skincare brand 💕

Tuesday – photography and blogs 

Hey soapies,

Today’s a simple blog on what has improved my life and what I aim to do this month .

1. Photography- this month I plan to expand and sort my portfolio. I am doing to open university course in October . If you have tips or equipment suggestions let me know 🙂 

2. Blog- I aim to make weekly blog plans and share them with you every Sunday so you can all read the blogs you want when they first go up.

3. Timing – I am also focusing on the times you all seem to read my posts and it originally was 7 am however recently it has been 6am hence the time change on when my posts go up . What’s best for you? 

Tell me what your doing in this June ? Speak soon , love soap xxxx 

Simple micellar cleansing wipes

Hey soapies , 

Today’s blog is on cleansing wipes .. now I don’t know about you but I think face wipes are a tad expensive and you could use baby wipes but I got two packs of these wipes which works out 50 wipes for just £3 

So what’s good about these wipes ? They have 2 vitamins in , have no alchohol and no oil !!! Plus no artificial perfume or colour !!! 

Make up comes of easily and leaves you with a silky smooth face . What do you think of them let me know and what do you use to cleanse your face lots of love soap xx