New photography course

Hey , so I have my new photography online course with the open university starting this week and my first assignment is next week . Any advice on how to do a uni course ? Lots of love soap xx


What do I do with the veg ? 

Hey everyone , I had loads of veg that cost me 10p each at Asda at 9pm . Always worth buying … I mean a lime for 10p can be used for cooking , drinking and for cleaning products . What I do is have a layer of potato and then out loads of veg on top pop in the oven for half an hour and enjoy it as a side . You can always add flavourings and sauces too . Mines today cost me 50p for a side which will feed two of us for definete and maybe a third if we were lucky . Any leftovers I can keep for tomorrow or can pop into a soup . Super easy , super quick and so good too taste so all a win win . Hope this helps you , soap x


Hey soapies , sorry it’s been a super long time without a post . So much has happened … I have a new job and I am concentrating on my photography more now too however I intend to do one post every Sunday . What do you all think ? Love soap x

Day 2

Day 2 of the simple challenge – so today I used one of my simple wipes again followed by the spotless skin face wash and then toner then both my simple moisturisers . My skin already feels smooth however I've noticed a few spots have come up …. does the spotless skin attract spots then kill them ? Idk I'll let you know how it goes later x