Cherry pie cream by patisserie 

Hey Soapies , The cherry pie hand cream by patisserie is a brilliant by . Not only does it last all day but it smells fresh and is perfect for November . It will soothe your hands and is Pocket size . What more do you want ? Xx love Soap xx Advertisements

Another sister site

Hey soapies, I have a new site called This site is for products you would like me too test as well as sites and items I use everyday. I hope it will help you all.Follow me pleaaaase. I will speak too you tomorrow . Have a super awesome day. love, soap xox

My new super cool Radley watch

Hi soapies, If you know me you know that I love animals and Radley too. Radley is a brand from the uk which offers luxury items all with a little scotty dog either on or in them (not a literal dog… I wish!).For my 21st my 2nd oldest but not oldest sister … I made…

Food Tuesdays- The super cheese

Hey soapies, This may sound like a boring blog and I do apologise but I have found some super nice cheese. Its morrisons own cheese that costs £2 for 500ml. Its brilliant too melt and put in sandwiches and tastes super nice. I have never had morrisons own cheese but I would highly recommend it….

I am not really british?!

Hello soapies, so as I told you yesterday I did the ancestry DNA test. I knew I was going too be British I mean I have british family and somewhere my swiss and German side would come up but I did not realise how much I would be. I am 73 percent western European- mainly…

Sleepy sundays- Ancestry DNA

HIIII soapies, So for my 21st one of my sisters and my mum gave me a ancestry DNA kit. I was thrilled and nervous- it could either make my family tree completely correct or make me question everything. I was also sceptical about the process- like where does my DNA go? When do I find…

A food blog?

Hey, I just wanted too know if anyone would like me too do a tried and tested blog? if you would. let me know. love soap xx

This weeks blogs

(today) Style Saturday- Jacket Sleepy Sunday- Ancestry DNA Monday- DNA Results food Tuesday- The super cheap amazing super cheese Wednesday- Radley watch Home Thursday- Skyrim candle.. is it worth £8?!? beauty Fridays- A review of the patisserie sweet as cherry pie hand cream so stay tuned for this weeks blogs xxx

soaps saturday style- The Jacket of all jackets

Hey soapies, Anyone who knows me will know I have always worn denim Jackets. I love Jackets with a statement and a little bit of a difference too them. My fav Jacket is my blue denim jacket with gorgeous flowers embroided on it. Its good for all seasons. This jacket is by boohoo by I…

Have you seen a change?

Not only have I become 21 ( and now feel old lol) and seen Zurich again which as you can see is a gorgeous city but I have also thought about my blog. Now I always get feed back that some people like my beauty posts whilst others liked my lifestyle posts so I thought…

A blog a day ? 

I want too update my blog and make it about two things I love – beauty and food . Anyone have any ideas of how I can do this and make it more chic ? Lots of love soap xx

I’m 21

I’m 21 and off too the zoo today . What did you all do on your last birthday ? Love Soap xx