Wild Wednesday- NUXE samples review

Hey soapies,

so recently you saw I got a fabulous selection of NUXE samples which once again thank you NUXE for giving me those.

I first of all used the NUXE anti- fatigue moisturising eye cream which is very cooling and kept me going. In the morning I used anti- fatigue moisturising cream which is so soft on the skin and smells so beautiful.

My favourite overall is the anti aging care which is called youth and radiance revealing anti-aging care. Its soft, has a light smell and makes you feel awake as well as look a lot younger ( not what I particularly need haha ). Overall I would use these on a day to day basis and I love their products. NUXE is definitely my favourite skin cream brand and ultimately if you get any of their products you will not be disappointed!

lots of love,

Soap xox


Wild Wednesday- Institute of Photography course

Hey Soapies,

I love photography and some of you may see that I have a photography blog – sophielaurenphotographyuk . I recently started a course on the institute of photography and I am so happy with the way it is written and taught too you.

Its so much easier than the open university and you have a tutor who speaks too you and monitors your work. You can pay monthly or upfront and will get a certificate if its a diploma. I love my course so far.

Have you done an online course and what do you think of them?

lots of love,

soapso xoxo

Wild Wednesday- learning German With babbel

Hallo soapies! (bit of german there),

I have decided too learn german and it is so simple with babbel. I have heard of this site for a long time and thought nooooo I do not want to spend that much money however I have discovered they are doing an offer for 6 months free so it will be £30 for a year!

So far it is going quite well they teach you how too speak the language and how too write it. You can also go back through each lesson and you can do it at your own pace. I think it is so easy too learn and I honestly am learning something so fast. They also have an app. What languages did you learn and how did you learn?

lots of love,

soapso xox

WILD WEDNESDAY- Mac Highlighter Review

Hey soapies,

Todays review is on my mac highlighter in the shade double gleam. Mac is obviously a popular brand that does sadly test on animals ( something I do not like) However I know their products look good and last for ages.

The packaging is sleek and looks expensive. Its easy to fit in your bag and even has mac inprinted in the makeup. The make up itself is one in a million. I have never ever ever found a highlighter that is close too it!

You can use it for highlighting your cheeks , lips and I often use a bit on my eye lids. It is relatively expensive however it will last long and looks fab in my eyes. What is your fav highlighter? let me know xox soapso xx

Who had snow today as well?

Wednesday – emotional brilliance powder by lush 

Hey soapies ,

So first off .. this is a weird name for a product ? Anyone else think that? But secondly lush do powder make up ? Hellll yes !!! 

The one I have is a tester and it suits my skin ( which is weird for me !). It gives me a nice glow that looks suitable for work. This thin powder can be used on its own or over your liquid foundation.

Have you bought this product , let me know.

Love soap xx

Wild Wednesday – breakfast food for June 

Hey soapies, a little later than usual .. sorry about that but I had fallen asleep last night half way through blogging ?!? Haha 

Today I’m going to say the things I have been having for breakfast ( when I do have breakfast !) 

1. Pancakes – you can get some awesome little pancakes from sainsburys and they are great with a little bit of butter or add strawberry and ice cream 😋

1. Oatcakes – oatcakes are awesome and coat 90 p for 6 from sainsburys . I love the texture which kinda reminds me of a crumpet and a pancake in one . It says to add cheese on the packaging however I have not done that I have simply added a lot of unhealthy sweet items too mine haha ! 

What’s your June breakfast favourites ? Ps follow my insta too see all the food I eat … it’s a lot haha !!! 

Love soap xx

Wild Wednesday- how to cure that annoying summer cold ! 

Hey soapies , 

So today me and dbg inked have become ill … no not sick or not a normal illness … a cold in may ?!? 

Not normal no … 

Here’s my tips on how to cure it in 3 days 

1. Sleep – as much as it’s hard to do so try and sleep for longer than 8 hours as your body is weak remember it’s fighting off that pesky cold . 

2. Eat – eat food as much as your body’s like nah I wanna just fight this cold .. you need the energy ! Ps I love chicken soup .. makes me feel better  

3. Drink – drink water ! Only water so your body can re hydrate and you can get back to being you however ginger tea will help too and if you can’t sleep camomile tea however I find the marks and Spencer’s spiced tea makes me feel a bit better too 

4. Sunlight – try and open windows as much as you do not want too and try and get fresh air it will help 

5. Use a tissue and wash your hands – may sound obvious but seriously you will get better soon .

6. Have a bath – use a bath muscle soak or if you don’t have a bath some shower gel and wash your face a couple times a day extra too try and get rid of that cold 

What’s your tips ? Love soap xx