Thursday – max factor bronzing powder in shade golden

Heyyyyy soapies ! 

So in England we have had some really hot days and so I think we can call it officially a proper summer . If you do not know the uk then you will not know our summer is unpredictable . Our weather can change literally in seconds 😂.

So I thought this post is handy for those who want a little bronzer to add to their not so tanned face .

This bronzer not only glows but really makes you look naturally tanned . I love the look of the box and the feel of the product on your skin .. it doesn’t feel cakey . 

The colour Golden looks great if you mix with liquid foundation too .

What’s your bronzer your using and give me tips !

Lots of love 

Soap xx


Wednesday – emotional brilliance powder by lush 

Hey soapies ,

So first off .. this is a weird name for a product ? Anyone else think that? But secondly lush do powder make up ? Hellll yes !!! 

The one I have is a tester and it suits my skin ( which is weird for me !). It gives me a nice glow that looks suitable for work. This thin powder can be used on its own or over your liquid foundation.

Have you bought this product , let me know.

Love soap xx

Veleza app and a new skincare product for me too try 

Hey soapies, 

You may of heard of Veleza? If you Have not it’s an app that has a community of people with all different expertise. You can learn new brands , great products and also tell the world your thoughts on brands and products . You will love it I assure you 💕

I was lucky enough to be sent  a trial of a skincare product . The skincare product is made by El&So . The packaging is very stylish and elegant . It looks instantly like it will make your face brighter and healthier . It’s made in the U.K. I love the smell , it’s refreshing and it feels light when I applied . 

I look forward too the next week trying this product . 

Lots of love,

Soap xx

Tuesday – gorgeous glow by collection 

Hey soapies ,

This one was not bought by me . It was given to me by my friend who disliked the product . I thought I’d give it ago however for me this product is too bright . The powder looks cakey and does not look right in certain lights .

The product I believe is cheap but sadly for me it is cheap for a reason . I do still have this product though because you can not just chuck make up away … right ? 

Hope your all okay and tell me a colour / item that just does not suit you . 

Speak tomorrow ,

Soap xx

Ps. Check out my new little post on Veleza and here on a new skincare brand 💕

Monday – smashbox photofinish primer

Hey soapies ,

I have a feeling I have done a post on this little primer before however I have been asked too show all 33 items in my top make up draw . 

So this item is a tad expensive ( however I got it cheaper on a plane ). I had heard of smashbox products and dared to buy one . This primer says it has no oil however it is the MOST oilest primer ever. 

However does it do what it says? Yes you will look like a model or a edited picture . It will make your make up look flawless.

It will be noticeable to you that it’s on ( it feels sticky ) but all your friends will envy you . What’s your fav primer ? Let me know love soap xx

Sleepy Sunday – bare minerals mineral veil 

Hey soapies,

This is a little different today is a product I feel isn’t worth a purchase ( I know … something I’ve never said ).

You see we all hear that some products are amazing when simply they are not .

This product today is the bare minerals mineral veil . It’s meant to be a brilliant product with stand out qualities however I feel it lacks that . 

My skin doesn’t shine or have a natural glow and sadly it’s given me spots 😦 the colour isn’t really for me too . What do you think ? Love soap xx