Have you seen a change?

Not only have I become 21 ( and now feel old lol) and seen Zurich again which as you can see is a gorgeous city but I have also thought about my blog. Now I always get feed back that some people like my beauty posts whilst others liked my lifestyle posts so I thought…

A blog a day ? 

I want too update my blog and make it about two things I love – beauty and food . Anyone have any ideas of how I can do this and make it more chic ? Lots of love soap xx

I’m 21

I’m 21 and off too the zoo today . What did you all do on your last birthday ? Love Soap xx

Getting advice from Asosxmylittlebox ?!?

Hey soapies ( my phone changed that too stalkies…. no you are not that !! 😂) , Today’s little blog is simply on the my little box . Now I’ve only heard of this little box from a few people and it all sounds good so I thought why not try it . So I…

Reviewing websites

Hey soapies , every week I intend to review either a brand or a website which you my soapies request . This month so far I have the new zoella box that’s going too be review and a subscription box but what else do you want me to review ? It could even be clothing…

New photography course

Hey , so I have my new photography online course with the open university starting this week and my first assignment is next week . Any advice on how to do a uni course ? Lots of love soap xx

Biore deep pore cleanser review 

Hey soapies , Here’s my little review today on the biore deep pore cleanser. 1. Does it smell? – yes , it smells sweet- very hard too explain the smell . 2. Is it long lasting ? – in terms of the bottle size it’s lasted me a year and really helps my skin  3….

Must eat takeaway meals 

Hey soapies , so along side my little veg dish I am having this Chinese from farmfoods . It was only £1.29 so a fraction of a take away and looked simple too cook. Anyone else tried this ? Let me know your thoughts and what your having for dinner tonight xx love soap 

What do I do with the veg ? 

Hey everyone , I had loads of veg that cost me 10p each at Asda at 9pm . Always worth buying … I mean a lime for 10p can be used for cooking , drinking and for cleaning products . What I do is have a layer of potato and then out loads of veg…

The meals verdict – 10/10?

Okay well tonight’s meal was super delicous however the portions would suit more a single person as they shrunk once cooking . Very delicious but purely based on the portion sizes I wouldn’t buy again . It also left my dish in a state lookI used the antibacterial fairy which was 80p from savers on…