Ciate London triple shot mascara review

So soapies I received a while ago this little mascara which I never knew before ciate did mascara ? Did you know ? If you did well I feel like an idiot now ! 

So here’s my little review 

What’s the packaging like ?- the packaging is standard but clearly states the product.

Does the applicator look good and work well ?- yes the applicator Apply’s the mascara to the lashes well 

Does the mascara smudge ? – no 

Is it waterproof?- hella no … I came out of the shower and omg it was like I was an actress on eastenders … not my kinda look ! 

Does the mascara last? – yes it will last all day 

Does the mascara look natural – yes it will lengthen your lashes yet make them look natural …. something I always worry about with mascara 

Would I buy again ?- definitely however it’s all about that price tag on the product 

So that’s my little review what’s your thoughts ? Speak tomorrow lots of love soap xx


1 week ? What next ? 

Sooo soapies , today marks one week of properly blogging ! I was nervous … in fact I’m going to be honest I doubted anyone would look at my blog let alone actually want to read it and like it ! 

What I wondered was was there any preference in products you would like me too talk about ? And is there any tips or information you would like me to share or do a blog on . 

Thanks again , love soap xxoxx

Sleepy Sunday -Tanya burr cosmetics beautifully designed collection 

Hey soapies ,

If you know me well you will know I am a huge fan of Tanya burr . She is an inspiration and also makes some amazing cosmetics ! 

My choice on this sleepy Sunday was to talk about the Tanya burr cosmetics beautifully designed collection . As you may be aware this was available at Christmas and was gifted to me ! 

The packaging looks lush ! It is very much “Tanya” if you know of Tanya burr . The box is a perfect size and has lots of sparkly bits on it . As you open the box you can marvel over the array of colours in the box . 

The products themselves are eye shadows , highlight , bronzer and liquid highlighter . With a little tips and how to section on the back within no time you will know how to use these beautiful beauty products correctly . 

An added bonus to this is a little mirror inside . Here’s a little soap tip – use the silk pyjamas eye shadow as a base and then put over it the last in the palette colour from the L’Oréal rose palette ( I did a review on that a while back !!!) it will look stunning . 

What do you think of this box ? Of Tanya burr and her cosmetics …. let me know ! Ps thank you for reading see you tomorrow lots of love soap ⭐️ Xoxox 

Soaps little kitchen – update 

Hey soapies , this week I’m going to do a tour of my kitchen but before I did that I need to ask you all a little favour … I’m thinking of buying grey plates ! I just wondered if anyone knew anywhere that has some nice grey plates and if so could you tell me it would be much appreciated . 

Also check out my little cups they are 1.50 in sainsburys ATM … arnt they sweet! 

Have a lovely day and I’ll speak to you tomorrow lots of love soap xox 

Mac vs Rimmel : who is the best ? 

So today soapies I thought I’d do a little battle for which products are the best in it is the Mac matte evening rendezvous and the Rimmel moisture review 180 vintage pink …. these are my two closest Mac and Rimmel product colours. So there’s 10 factors that will determine which is the best.

1. Which product has the nicest packaging ? Mac ! The Mac packaging is stylish and looks more expensive then Rimmel .

2. Which product lasts longer when worn? – Rimmel ! The Rimmel lipstick lasts longer and even looks better then the Mac … the Mac sadly smudges when worn for a while . 

3. Which product could I take for travelling ? – the Mac lipstick is smaller and thus easier to fit in a purse or handbag compared to the Rimmel which is in a odd shape . 

4. Which product is cheaper ?: only by £5 the Rimmel is cheaper .

5. Does any of them cause cracked lips? – yes the Mac does after a day of wearing sadly your lips will crack whilst the Rimmel as it says provides moisture to your lips 

6. Which is easier to apply ? – the Rimmel is easier to apply than the Mac.

7. Which one can you actually feel on your lips – this is a negative you can feel the Rimmel sometimes too much whilst with the Mac you forget it’s on.

8. Which one has a fragrance if either?- the Rimmel has a fragrance which I like however some people wouldn’t like the smell of rose .

9. Which smudges easily ? – the Mac does and it isn’t easy to remove either !!! 

10. Which does my partner prefer and why? – the Mac one and because I have a light complexion so the Mac makes my lips stand out 

Soooo… I do love both don’t get me wrong but the winner of this little review today is … it’s a draw ? Okay I didn’t expect that 😂😂 so they are both great lipsticks and are both amazing products it just depends on what you want them for and where your wearing them . What’s your fav lipsticks ? Let me know . Speak soon love soap xxxx 

Zoella blissful mistful body mist 

Hey soapies ,

This little blog is about one of my fav sprays . This spray has a personal affect on me when I smell it … like do you ever get it where you smell something and it reminds you of something ? The same thing happens with me. 

The zoella blissful mistful is a small little bottle that is glass so be careful. The spray comes out evenly . The product itself does smell amazing and lasts for a long time and the bottle …  well the bottle just screams zoella . 

For the price I paid it was definitely worth it . What’s your thoughts on this and do you have a favourite spray ? Speak tomorrow , soap xox