Thank you all so much for this I know 50 does not sound like many but to me that’s 50 reasons why I should blog. 

Thank you for starting the blogging journey on this site with me 💕 tell me what sorts of blogs you want next and I will also answer all questions ☺️ love you all lots soap ⭐️ xx


L’Oréal skin perfection cleansing and perfecting milk 

Where did I buy it and when ? – sainsburys and last month 

Would I buy it again and is it affordable ?- depending on the price I would , it was £3 and I bought purely to make my skin smoother and it has… so the goal has been completed in a matter of weeks. 

Has it caused allergies , break outs , pain, rashs etc? – none at all ! It’s a good product for me so far 

Does it remove eye make up ? – yes ! But I like to also use simple misceller water to ensure it’s all gone as well as the fact this is my wake up product… seriously it somehow makes me feel awake ! 

Does it remove reds, dark colours and waterproof make up – reds are very tough to remove with this product and dark colours too and as for waterproof Items I have no idea yet as I have not worn any for a while . 

What does your face feel like ?- silky smooth straight after use 

Is the packaging good ? – very stylish packaging which can be expected from L’Oréal but the size of the bottle is very in convenient for travelling and you have to be careful you do not spill the milk from the bottle when you tilt it .

What do you think of this product and what do you want tomorrow’s blog on ? 

See you tomorrow ,

Lots of love soap xox

Complete everyday look with just 7 products

Complete everyday look with just 7 products – Collab with :  www.hanasblog.com
Hi soapies – today is a collab with Hana so be sure to check her post out too !! Here’s 7 ( which was hard to choice as I use a couple more items ) products I use for my everyday look.
1. Smash box photofinish foundation primer – this product smooths my skin and makes my foundation last for a long time. Despite me feeling it’s a great product it has a negative it states it’s oil free – this really drew me in however to me it feels greasy and meh on me . Anyone else have that? It can cost quite a lot too however on the plane back from Iceland I got a little bargain hehehe ! 

2. Reckon photoready perfecting primer – I have only used this item for two weeks so I’m no expertise on this one however I feel already it’s made my skin softer feeling and as stated by my partner dbg inked I feel like a squirrel … take it that means soft and is a compliment ! It’s a small glass bottle and is only 27 ml but it’s so worth it ! I am very impressed with this bottle of joy. 
3. Mac mineralize moisture spf 15- I got this product free from a friend ( what an awesome friend ay 😉) I have been ready reviews and sadly people don’t like this item however I love this foundation . It’s made my skin brighter and as I’m as pale as a vampire this is the first foundation that actually looks right for me ! It is however expensive and therefore I’m not sure if I could justify getting that product again well not for a while . It has great coverage and covers my moles something that I was always picked on as a child and always has made me want too cover up . It gives a lovely glow and blends perfectly . I can put it on and where it all day . Ps there’s no strong fragrance !
4. I ❤️ make up hearts in share golden goddess – I can’t find any reviews on here so here’s my little review it’s got a gorgeous glow and is easy to apply . Suits all skin tones and is my favourite highlighter ! 
5. Soap and glory love at first blush – just wow ! Simply describes it … this little kit is 75g of pure magic . The box is round and easy to travel with and it has a range of stunning bright colours . Also with a little mirror it’s perfect for applying in a rush. Ps use the real techniques buffing brush for a great looking blush. 

6. Soap and glorys sexy motherpucker in Pom Pom – this is my lipstick of the month ! It suits me and my skin tone ( remember I have pale vampire skin or something from izombie )and is creamy , easy to apply and most importantly lasts all day. The packaging is sleek and the finish is simply amazing . You need to try this lipstick ! 

And finally … 

7. Naked 2 urban decay palette – I had heard of this for ages so last year in Debenhams in Bristol with a very bored George I bought this palette. Well actually he did for me ! The colours are great and the packaging is stylish and trendy. Despite the price tag of £25 I really do think you should try it. It’s worth every penny and for me I use it most days so definitely worth the money . 
So that’s it soapies … comment if you love this post or want too know more and tell me your thoughts plus if there’s anything you suggest I buy and review . Thanks for reading and remember to check out Hana and her post ! Speak soon , love you all lots 



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Homeware- mantle piece items 

I love fireplaces and feel it’s a nice way to make a home feel more homely . Here’s my current fireplace and what I have on here xso first item is the lights from sainsburys that cost £12 they can be used for a variety of things but I feel they look perfect where they are right now .  Secondly , is my set of draws which I bought from a local shop however other places sell similar items . Draws not only look cool but they provide space for little bits you find in your home such as random buttons I find … no idea where they come from ! 

Thirdly , is the lovely date display unit ( what do you call them lol ) from sainsburys that was £8 and it adds a little sophistication to your home and finally is my little pot with a orchid in however the orchid has lost its flowers 😦 the pot however was from Ikea . So that’s my fireplace . What’s yours like and anyone have anything I could do better or anything they wanted to know ? Just let me know . Speak soon , love soap xx 

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Sun.day London candles 

Hey soapies ,

Anyone a candle lover ? Well your in the right place today I’m doing a little review on when I bought a candle from http://www.sundayco.co this company not only has cute and great smelling candles but its delivered super fast !

The natural and organic candles come in a little pouch and are all beautifully handcrafted. I loved mine sadly I have used them both 😦 but I shall be purchasing more ☺️!! They last for ages and are a brilliant feature in any room !

Tell me what you think and if you have these gorgeous candles yourself ? Lots of love soap #candle #london #sunday #sun.day #sundayco #lush #smell #review 

Whisper Wednesday my secrets… for longer lasting red lips! 

Hey soapies today’s blog is a little different and not like the normal blog but here it is . 

The product I use is : Tanya Burr cosmetics in shade Christmas stocking 

How long have I had it ?: just under 1 month , used it from the very first day 

Where did I get it ? :  my friend … I know what a great friend !! 

Is it waterproof ? : yes ! As a uk citizen I can definitely say it’s waterproof ( if your not from the uk … the U.K. Is known for its terrible weather ) 

Is it pigmented ? – yes ! 

Does it moisturise or help with cracked lips ? : hmm… I’m going to say no because it’s a gloss 

Is it sticky ? : not at all ! 

Does it dry out ? : yes but this is perfect for putting over another red and it will last all day . 

Does the product stand out ? : yes your lips 👄 will look perfect 😍

Can you feel your wearing it : put a small amount on otherwise you will do . If you put a small amount on it will feel smooth and nice . You won’t even notice it . 

Does it crack or smudge ?: it does not crack for me . It will smudge if too much is on. 

So here’s the tip put a lipstick on your lips then place over it a couple dabs of the Tanya burr product and then let it dry. It will stay all day and will last longer . What’s your tips? Any comments or questions or want me to blog about something let me know ❤️ xx lots of love soap xx makeup , Wednesday , tips , secrets , red , lips , lipstick , top tips, Tanya burr , bright , long , lasting 

Soap and glory love at first blush

Hey soapies , first off thanks for looking at my previous blog ☺️ really appreciate the support 😘.

Today’s little blog is on the soap and glory love at first blush . I have been asked if soap and glory is a great brand many times and I really feel it is and if you have not checked this brand out please do . If you have any questions do not hestitate to ask .

So … how long have I had the blush ? – for just under 2 months and have used it from the day it arrived . 

Where did I buy it and is it easy to buy ? – I bought mine of an app called vinted . It was easy to buy and it’s easy to buy on the high street as boots used to sell it I’m unsure if they still do . 

Would I buy it again ? :- I would if it was below £15 as I don’t normally wear blush 

Is it pigmented ?:- yes 

Is it the correct colours for my skin tone :- yes it definitely is correct for my vampire skin tone ! 

Have I had any allergic reactions ? – no , none at all .

Has the product caused any other skin problems ? – non at all 

Can you feel it’s on your face ?:- no it’s light and does not make you feel like your wearing a mountain of make up which is good . 

How do I apply it :- I apply mine with the buffing brush by real techniques. If you have not used real techniques I suggest you get some more brushes !!! I love these brushes . 

Any cool features ? – it has a mirror !?!?! 

Overall ..

  1.  it makes your skin have a natural blush glow 
  2. It’s small enough to travel with 
  3. A great selection of colours 
  4. It last for 8 hours ( perfect for work !!!!) 
  5. It’s my favourite blush

So I would give this product a 10/10 on the blush rating scale 🙂 x see you soon . Love you all lots , soap x #beauty #soapandglory #realtechniques #makeup #2017 #goodreview #Bright #skin #may #summer #travel #pretty