Hey soapies , today I thought I’d go through a concealer that I’ve used for a long time now it’s the wake me up by Rimmel concealer .

This concealer is liquid and easy to apply with its brush however it can be a little messy and that is something that no one wants so sadly that lets the product down .

Much like the foundation you have to make sure you get the correct shade . As I look like a vampire ( I’m honestly shiny like Edward Cullen ! Not a great look at all !! ) this concealer is okay for under my eyes but too much can make my face look like I’m caked in make up . Before buying this product id recommended you tested the product out . The concealer is one of the cheapest you can get and it’s seriously easy to take on your travels as it’s a tiny bottle. It also has a 2 year life span so pretty long lasting too .

As you can see mine has lasted quite a while . I think it’s one of the best cheap make up products you can get easily . Hope you like this blog do not forget to like and comment love you all lots soap xx ps tell me your fav concealer !!

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Castle drogo 

Today was a little bit of an adventure . As national trust members we love to explore their properties . Today’s choice castle drogo ! 

Quiet : it is a quiet area perfect for walks and they even allow dogs which is great for you pet lovers . The grounds do expect you to look after the property so please do not litter ! There are a couple bins near the cafe and shop . 

Accessible?: there are disabled parking and as I have learnt from my grandmother being disabled not all places are easy access despite them saying they are ! However here it is and it’s perfect grounds for a walk 

The gardens :- I believe this is my second favourite gardens . Gorgeous flowers are around in this early May time and it’s kept up well . 

Toilets , shop and cafe : unfortunately we did not buy anything today there however donated some money towards the gardens . The cafe was busy and we recommend that you take your own food to avoid waiting in a queue. All staff were lovely and we will definitely be coming again 

The castle: the castle is the last castle to be built in the uk and is currently being renovated so your future generations can still see it . The inside is lovely .

Overall rating : 10/10 

Easy to drive too? : do not use aa route planner . I’d use a different source as it’s a bit off from Exeter and the roads are narrow so if you have a big car I would not recommend you drive down there. On the way back why not stop off at killerton house … I didn’t feel upto it today but we’re planning to go in the next few weeks 
Love soap x 

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Sleepy Sunday – catch up and a cuppa? 

So it’s been so long ! Basically a lot has happened over the last year I had 3 jobs and college then I got promoted and left college then quit that job asked for more hours and well then we come to now a full year on and I am no longer a teen … I have my own flat with my hamsters , dbg inked and three fish . Everyday I am going to post a little blog about my everyday life and your more than welcome to like and comment on stuff . If you want a post on something do not be shy just say xx speak very soon lots of love soap xx ps I’m starting a photography course anyone have any good websites or ways to learn ? Xx

loreal la palette nude rose

We all make day to day little purchases and if your anything like me you will buy it if you like it without ever thinking is it good enough, A few months back I spotted this little treasure which was less than £20. I had no clue if it would be good or not however this palette is a MUST have. its small which is great for a girl with a small bag or make up bag with not your whole make up range in( yes every girl has something they have a lot of). the colour of the box is black and beautiful. It looks as if you spent a lot more money then what you actually did and the product itself is even better. ranging from soft creams to eye catching purple the eyeshadows can be used for a variety of reasons. the eyeshadows are easy to apply with a brush that is also included in this palette. if you don’t have a mirror do not worry this palette has it in it. There is no negatives from me on this purchase and I would recommend as its a perfect travel companion.

speak soon.

lots of love soap so xx

ps. As you can see the font fades with time but still cute