May of bought some more lush bits … oops

I went into lush and thought I’d get my jumping juniper but in Exeter they didn’t have any 😫 however I spoke to one of their amazing member of staff who recommended this lovely little bar it smells Devine and she even tried it on my arm . I am super excited too use it . What’s your favourite soap shampoo bar ?

Love you all lots

Soap ❤️


The difference between a friend and an acquaintance

hey soapies,

this is a hard post for me. Over the past few years I’ve been busy with work and college and didn’t understand why “friends” did not talk too me or blamed me for not seeing them.

As a young adult or even an adult sometimes we are blinded by the busy lives we live and don’t realise that some of our “friends” are actually aquaintances.

For me a friend is someone you can call , message or snapchat without a fear of judgement . Someone who will meet you and understand you have a busy or difficult life . Someone who won’t show you off . Someone who will speak too you for ages and won’t get bored.

A friend will laugh with you not at you . They won’t make you feel small but will make you feel loved.

Sometimes friends become acquaintances because of distance however they will remain friends because they are the same when you see each other again.

I have a small friend circle and I have learnt that now . Just because you don’t have a million friends it does not mean your not a valued person. So if you feel alone call that friend , write it down or FaceTime them. You thought of someone then… Remember that’s your true friend.

ps. Sorry this was a soppy post just had a terrible day and I’ve suddenly realised my true friends.

speak to you tomorrow ,

soap xox

Cherry pie cream by patisserie 

Hey Soapies ,

The cherry pie hand cream by patisserie is a brilliant by . Not only does it last all day but it smells fresh and is perfect for November . It will soothe your hands and is Pocket size . What more do you want ? Xx love Soap xx

My new super cool Radley watch

Hi soapies,

If you know me you know that I love animals and Radley too. Radley is a brand from the uk which offers luxury items all with a little scotty dog either on or in them (not a literal dog… I wish!).For my 21st my 2nd oldest but not oldest sister … I made that complex… one of my sisters bought me a Radley watch.

I have never ever bought a Radley watch but oh my goodness its amazing. The dial is easy too read, the watch is lightweight and just like all Radley watches it comes with the little scotty dog attached too it.

This watch is nearly £60 but honestly its a necessity. You can wear it with anything. Tell me what Radley products you have and love.

lots of love,

Soap xxo

Sleepy sundays- Ancestry DNA

HIIII soapies,

So for my 21st one of my sisters and my mum gave me a ancestry DNA kit. I was thrilled and nervous- it could either make my family tree completely correct or make me question everything.

I was also sceptical about the process- like where does my DNA go? When do I find everything out? but ancestry explain it all the whole way along.

You simply pay for your DNA kit with a £20 delivery charge on top(just too let you know).The DNA kit is sent within a week too your chosen address and inside is a handy guide on how to use your dna kit. Now I honestly thought you used a cotton swab ( I saw it on the Kardashians.. yes I know not the most reliable source but still) but no its a little tube you spit into.

Once you send your DNA off in the uk its flown over too Ireland too be processed. where from then on Ancestry help find out who you are. I am still super nervous and excited. I mean I think I am definitely british, I am quite a bit welsh on my dads side and I should be a tiny bit Scottish from my grandmothers side. I should have swiss, German and Austrian in me from my grandfathers side of the family too. I wonder though if theres anything else.

Let me know if you have used Ancestry or if your scared like me and I will let you know when mine arrives. wish me luck!

lots of love, soap xx

A Uni course online?!

Hey soapies,

Recently I started my open university course which is a online course. Mine is about photography but there is a wide array of great courses at affordable price.Here is my 10 questions I will answer for you.

  1. Can I work around the course?- yes definitely, each course varies in course time but as long as you can make a change in your lifestyle ie. give up 4 hours a week then you will do just fine.
  2. Is there support?- Some courses have tutors whilst others have a online support network. Your never alone, there’s loads of people all going through the same feelings.
  3. Do I have too go to uni?- No, not all course do but some have tests at local uni’s however some like my courses just work purely online.
  4. do I need a lot of resources?- Every course is again different however I would say put some money back just in case you need some resources.
  5. If you can not afford it can you get loans?- You can for some courses get grants and loans but all the information on that is on the open university website.
  6. Can I access it on my phone or tablet?- yes, its super convenient. You could be on a train and as long as you have internet you can access it.
  7. Can you do courses for degrees?- Yes, check all the courses out online.
  8. How long are the courses- The can range from 6 weeks too years.
  9. How long did you wait for your course too start?- I waited since march for my course too start and I remember thinking it’s ages away why did you pay the £200 now? and then suddenly it was starting in October so it may seem like a long time too go but by the time your mentally prepared for it.
  10. Any advice from you?- Be sure its what YOU want too do and ignore anyone who says you can not do it. Listen to criticism and work hard too make you happy…. hope this helps. lots of love, soap x

Getting advice from Asosxmylittlebox ?!?

Hey soapies ( my phone changed that too stalkies…. no you are not that !! 😂) ,

Today’s little blog is simply on the my little box . Now I’ve only heard of this little box from a few people and it all sounds good so I thought why not try it . So I said goodbye too pinkparcel for a bit and hello too my little box . 

Yes it’s not a box this month , they joined up with Asos ( my fav online store like ever .. I think !!!) the bag is not only cute and practical but definetely gives a chic vibe . In it was a selection of items I wouldn’t normally buy and that’s a good thing because it means I’m trying new stuff . 

The cutest bit is the 31 day “advice “ book which is filled with lots of quotes and statements too make your day much brighter and better . Today’s was a quote from a book and already I feel impowered to do something today too make me smile and happy . 

So have you tried this box or know any other subscription boxes you want me too try let me know xx love soap xx