My new super cool Radley watch

Hi soapies,

If you know me you know that I love animals and Radley too. Radley is a brand from the uk which offers luxury items all with a little scotty dog either on or in them (not a literal dog… I wish!).For my 21st my 2nd oldest but not oldest sister … I made that complex… one of my sisters bought me a Radley watch.

I have never ever bought a Radley watch but oh my goodness its amazing. The dial is easy too read, the watch is lightweight and just like all Radley watches it comes with the little scotty dog attached too it.

This watch is nearly £60 but honestly its a necessity. You can wear it with anything. Tell me what Radley products you have and love.

lots of love,

Soap xxo


Invite a blogger month?!!


Are you a blogger? A wannabe blogger?

Whoever YOU are, I am going to next month have 4 bloggers take over my site (as long as I get enough numbers). All It will be is for 1 post from YOU. show me if your interested below x love soap xx

Hamster care- food for may

Hey soapies ,

Just a super quick blog on the food I am using for my robo (robrovski) hamsters . Dwarf hamsters can get fussy as they get older in fact the truth is don’t buy expensive food as a treat as they then refuse anything else … I was only intending on this food for Christmas !

I would recommend the burgess dwarf hamster mix as it is small pieces however it is a tad expensive . 

What are mine having at the moment ?- my hamsters are having the burgess mix and have for treats mealworms and these carrot parcels which look like shreddies but are not ! I do also give occasionally a tiny bit of goats milk ( like I mean a really tiny bit ) as their fur was really bad when I bought them from a pet shop . Be careful as hamsters can be diabetic.

What do you feed your hamsters and any recommendations? Lots of love soap