Saturday – ginger cream by zoella 

Hey soapies ,

So first off a little sad news , me and dbg inkeds oldest fish nami died yesterday aged 1 years and 9 months ( well since we bought her) .

However the blogs must go on and often enough she would watch me in her tank blog away probably thinking what is she doing ., omg what am I saying ? Aha 

So today’s product is ginger cream . The packaging is stylish and screams zoella . It’s amazing !! 

The smell is like gingerbread and makes you think of the winter . It is a little slimy sadly but it does make you look a lot more shimmery . 

So overall I would give this gorgeous little treat an amazing 10 ! 

Love soap x


Friday -does this shampoo work?

Hey soapies ,

So earlier on in the week I showed you I made this super cheap purchase at just 30p !! I know it’s not going to be like an expensive brand but the results were pretty amazing 

The bottle is super big which I feel is a negative however you can condense it into a smaller bottle.

The product comes out a clear colour and feels slimy … a bit like bubble bath . But the results onced used are amazing . My hair was glowing and feels lighter then normal .

I so far really love this product . Do you have a product that suprised you and made you fall in love with it ? Let me know . 

Love soap xx

Thursday – nuxe gelee exfoliante douce

Hey soapies ,

Today’s product is one my ultimate favourites and I use it as part of my daily life however it is meant to be used only once a week .

This products packaging is clear , stylish and small .

The product will easily come out through the top and smells of roses 🌹 

The product come out a caramel colour and should be applied to a wet face . It will make you feel refreshed and look a lot healthier over the period of a week of usage.

It’s 75ml and I purchased this in bundle of items, however it would definitely be purchased by me again . Do you have an exfoliating product you like or have you used this product . Let me know in the comments . Lots of love soap x

Sleepy Sundays-mini mirror

So happy Father’s Day !

If you don’t know , I love cath kidston so much . It’s a shop that I love to go in and just simply want it all .

If you need a mirror in a hurry pop into a cath kidston store because this little mirror was only £2 and adds a dash of colour to your bag. What’s your mirror like ? Do you use one ? 

Let me know xx lots of love soap x

Mad Monday :- higher end vs cheap red lipstick

Hellooo soapies ,

So today is Monday.. the day we all dread!

Here’s a little post on my fav “expensive ” red lipstick vs my fav “cheap ” red lipstick.

The high end is Rimmel and the cheaper end is w7!

1. Which colour stands out better ? W7. The colour looks brighter and shines brighter than the Rimmel 

2. Which lasts longer ? The Rimmel

3. Which smudges ? The w7 smudges easier the Rimmel 

4. Does any cause cracked lips ? After a while the w7 can

5. Which one did my partner prefer ? W7 ( no he did not buy either of them 😂 that would be biased lol) 

My overall favourite is the w7 shockingly! It’s easier to apply and has a lot more product than the Rimmel and costs about £5 less than the Rimmel . What’s your fav reds ? Let me know xx love soap x

Summer backpack – may 2017

Slightly different blog but here is my tips for a great bag this summer 

1. Backpack or bag – decide on whether your going to be using a bag more or a backpack … this summer I’m going for backpacks 

2. Expensive or cheap- do you really want to ruin your bag with days out or buy cheap and replace ? 

3. Embroided – this season is for Embroided items take this into account

4. Find a brilliant buy- hunt down what you want and don’t just buy something that will do okay for the summer 

So this is my little new favourite it’s from new look and costs nearly £20 . It’s a lovely colour and has Embroided flowers … I love it ! It’s perfect for my summer . What’s your summer bag ? Love soap xx