Nuxe samples !

Hey all ,

Nuxe is the brand I have talked about for ages !! I love their products so of course I was thrilled when they sent me some samples . This is the super brand I have been on about for ages that they were sending me some products .

So I have not tried yet but I have the youth anti aging care , eye cream and anti-fatigue moisturising cream . I’m super excited too share with you what they are like and once again thank you nuxe x love soapso x


Figs and Rouge Ha cream 

Hey soapies,This is amazing stuff ! If you have not tried it you should . 

The silky texture is amazing on your hands and feet and makes you feel the best they could be . 

The tin is awesome and quirky . One little problem is that the cream goes everywhere when You open it . Anyone else tried this? Love soap xx

Burts bees – deep cleansing cream

Hey soapies ,Feeling super duper ill today and now I can’t sleep … any recommendations? 

Today’s post is on the burts bees deep cleansing cream. 

I have heard of burts bees for sooo long ( my sister is a huge fan !) . This one came with my pink parcel a month or two ago . 

The bottle is small and is a screw lid which I often find with creams it goes everywhere however it doesn’t with this cream. 

The smell is amazing !! ( all burts bees products are great smelling products ). It overall smooths over the skin well and blends easily giving your skin a silky texture . 

I give this product a 10/10 with no faults what so Ever ! 

What do you think of this product or burts bees other products ? What’s your favourite cleansing cream or cream in general ? Let me know below. Love soap xx

Thursday – patiserrie de Bain caramel whip hand cream

Hello soapies , 

A while back I bought this little product as part of a bundle . To my suprise I met my favourite hand cream ever !

The hand cream comes in a small little squirty tub which has a lid ( you do not want this spilt everywhere!).

The product Apply’s well too your hands and does feel silky smooth . The smell is amazing and does make you a) want too eat it and b) quickly grab your bag and go too the seaside .

Overall this product has a 10/10 for me .

What’s the best part about it ?- it’s not a greasy hand cream it’s a soft silky cream. 

What hand cream do you have ? Let me know xx love soap x

Sunday – seacret age defying revive eye serum sample 

Hello soapies,

Today’s post is on a tester I recieved a while back. First off the packaging is neat and looks like an elegant expensive brand.

The product itself comes out clear but is oily and I just feel that let’s it down however I can feel the effects of it . Therefore it is good . It makes me feel more awake too. 

Have you used a sample you loved or found anything oily ? Let me know . Soap xx

Monday – 1 week review of the elso face cream 

Hey soapies !

After a week of use my skin feels amazing and looks radiant . I feel so refreshed and have my “glow” back .

I really think this product is worth a try and has also helped with my spot problem I recently acquired ( I’ve been stressed ! ) so thank you else and thank you Veleza for letting me try this product.

Love soap xx

Veleza app and a new skincare product for me too try 

Hey soapies, 

You may of heard of Veleza? If you Have not it’s an app that has a community of people with all different expertise. You can learn new brands , great products and also tell the world your thoughts on brands and products . You will love it I assure you 💕

I was lucky enough to be sent  a trial of a skincare product . The skincare product is made by El&So . The packaging is very stylish and elegant . It looks instantly like it will make your face brighter and healthier . It’s made in the U.K. I love the smell , it’s refreshing and it feels light when I applied . 

I look forward too the next week trying this product . 

Lots of love,

Soap xx