The past 4 days of helping the world…

Hey soapies,

So since we have last talked I have sorted out more items and put some of my clothes up on vented which is a great app that helps you to not only sell your goods but list them in categories. Some people do not like it because it looks really teenagerish however I have never had a problem with it.

I have also popped stuff for free on facebook and even thought about recycling more items.

Another thing is if something has plastic in or on it I try too avoid ans it hasn’t stopped there I have started using cruelty free and vegan friendly makeup which is called B and is from superdrug. This make up also doesn’t harm your face so I am really into it.

What about Olio you ask? – well I have been promoting it a lot more and are trying to get more companies on board.

What do you do to help the world and how are you stopping waste etc? let me know,

lots of love,

soap xx


How we can all save the planet ๐ŸŒ

Hey soapies ,

This Morning I woke up feeling ready too change the way I live after seeing the impact of climate change I wanted too live a much sustainable and easy life .

I had seen trashisfortossers posts before but today she has super inspired me . I’m going to gradually over the next month use fresh veg , fresh food , reuse items and try and ultimately go plastic free .

It is simple the first step is reusing carrier bags , second is using your own shampoo and thirdly not using harmful chemicals . These are my first steps to a healthier life x

What have you done to improve your life or someone else’s?

Lots of love ,

Soap xx