One month of trying to go zero waste

Hello people ,

So this week I’ve been trying to work on getting people involved in an app called olio . Olio offers people free items of food or household items collected by your local volunteers or by yourself . I love this app because it means food won’t go to waste and it encourages us to think about the food we all have sat at home that could be useful too someone else .

Another app I love is regain which is where you recycle your clothes and get vouchers for new clothes .

Tell me your zero waste ideas , inspirational stories and help me to go zero waste completely . Also how do you lot avoid packaging ? Let me know x

Lots of love ,

Soap x



This is for everyone too think about . In the uk 7 billion tons of food is wasted . Most of it is just because of dates or the thing that a lot of people say is ” it’s not fresh !”.

Olio is an amazing app which not only helps you find free food and household items in your local area but it also helps stop this needless waste that everyday occurs .

Join olio today and help stop wasting food ! Let’s be a food sharing community . Tell me your tips and hints on how you share , sell or swap food in your community ,

Lots of love .

Soap xoxox


Hey soapies,

So I’m going too be a healthy person from now on and concentrate on myself . I am anaemic and it does affect my day too Day life so I think I’m going too make myself more me by doing healthier meals .

So what inspirational recipes have you found .. I’ve found mine in the tescos mag this month ! Mmm healthy and nice

Food Tuesdays- The super cheese

Hey soapies,

This may sound like a boring blog and I do apologise but I have found some super nice cheese. Its morrisons own cheese that costs £2 for 500ml. Its brilliant too melt and put in sandwiches and tastes super nice. I have never had morrisons own cheese but I would highly recommend it. especially for sauces etc x hope this helps all you family chefs out there. lots of love, soap xx

Food – so juicy garlic chicken

Hey soapies ,

Yesterday I felt like not making food for tea ( ever get that? ) so I found one of my so juicy packets .

It’s simple you have the bags and the herbs and you add the chicken too the bag . Remember cook chicken till it’s completely cooked and too check piece a hole through the bag and then a knife through the chicken too check if it’s done .

So here’s the overall score 

Fast cooking ?- 5/10 – depends on the chicken and the oven you have 

Easy too cook – 10/10 

Nice too eat – 10/10

Not spicy – 10/10

So overall this is a new little favourite of mine . What’s your so juicy favourite ? X

Love soap xx

Thursday – patiserrie de Bain caramel whip hand cream

Hello soapies , 

A while back I bought this little product as part of a bundle . To my suprise I met my favourite hand cream ever !

The hand cream comes in a small little squirty tub which has a lid ( you do not want this spilt everywhere!).

The product Apply’s well too your hands and does feel silky smooth . The smell is amazing and does make you a) want too eat it and b) quickly grab your bag and go too the seaside .

Overall this product has a 10/10 for me .

What’s the best part about it ?- it’s not a greasy hand cream it’s a soft silky cream. 

What hand cream do you have ? Let me know xx love soap x

Wild Wednesday – breakfast food for June 

Hey soapies, a little later than usual .. sorry about that but I had fallen asleep last night half way through blogging ?!? Haha 

Today I’m going to say the things I have been having for breakfast ( when I do have breakfast !) 

1. Pancakes – you can get some awesome little pancakes from sainsburys and they are great with a little bit of butter or add strawberry and ice cream 😋

1. Oatcakes – oatcakes are awesome and coat 90 p for 6 from sainsburys . I love the texture which kinda reminds me of a crumpet and a pancake in one . It says to add cheese on the packaging however I have not done that I have simply added a lot of unhealthy sweet items too mine haha ! 

What’s your June breakfast favourites ? Ps follow my insta too see all the food I eat … it’s a lot haha !!! 

Love soap xx