Cruelty free : B by Superdrug

Hey soapies ,

So like many of you I’m sure you want cruelty free things like myself however think like myself that everything is so damn expensive however that is a lie … I’ve found bargain make up !

I wondered into Superdrug thinking I’m looking for something expensive and nearly gave up. I asked the lovely assistant if she knew any brands and she recommended B by Superdrug which is amazing . It’s not only cheap but it lasts for ages and has a squirty pump . Not only is it for vegans or cruelty free but it’s paraben free which means no nasty chemicals on your face . Many brands rely on you having those chemicals on your face because then you buy more products to try and cover your face because they cause spots , blemishes and more beauty dramas .

What’s your fav cruelty free brand and tell me your take on it as well as recommend me some new products or things you’d like me to test .

Lots of love ,

Soap xoxox


Sleepy Sunday – trying new cheap make up

Hey soapies ,

So I went into home bargains which is amazing ! If you have not been in it it’s worth a look ( don’t grab a basket you will leave with a bag full ! ) . They also have an online website which does not have everything but some of their products on there .

Now I did a bit of a bad thing for me I bought some cheap 99p make up and the reason why it’s bad is because those of you who remember know the last time I used cheap 99p make up ( mascara – w7) it caused me too become allergic too mascara haha ! But I did try again this time with lipstick and foundation.

Now I used the Olivia hale make up and I bought a lipstick which I thought would wow . A rich purple ! ( lush colour !) . The packaging is not much different too maybeline however the product you can tell is cheap. The lipstick is hard too apply as the top is tiny . Probably best too use a lip brush but it’s still annoying and the product easily smudges … huge problem when all you had was a drink but it looks like you’ve kissed about 20 times ! Soo sadly what I thought would be my next make up sensation isn’t .

But …

I bought the Olivia Hale foundation and oh too the m g it’s great . It’s just like my mac make up , very similar colour and texture and is great for all over coverage . The top is in fact easier than most foundations as it’s a tube top . I really recommend this foundation and is the best cheap foundation . It out does my Poundland foundation .

What’s your cheap products your amazed with ? Let me know xo love Soap x

Make up Monday – foundation tips 

Hey soapies ,

This is a quick blog and isn’t anything too brilliant . Here’s some quick tips 

1. Brush or sponge – use what you want however I feel for a base layer use a brush then to make sure there’s no streaks . Nothing worse than that!

2. Colour –

Check your colour is right ! To do this go to a beauty expert at a local beauty place for instance mac or boots . Try testers . Do not ever feel obligated to buy that “super perfect foundation ” when you think hellllll no I look weird as hell . It’s okay to just ask for advice .

3. Light – use a light and 2 mirrors . Why two ? Because you want different lights to make sure it looks okay . You do not want too have a line where your natural skin tone is shown

Give me some tips . Speak soon , love soap xx

Mad Mondays – Top 5 foundations for light skin 

Hey soapies ,

I’m back with a better blog than this morning which I felt lacked a bit of me … mainly because I was tired and had work but no excuses this one is gonna be hella good !! ( wow I have not put that in a while !! ) 

These are my favs in the order I feel is best 

1. Mac moisture spf 15- light and lushious this foundation looks great on . It makes you have a natural glow and dries fast yet stays on … hope that makes sense ! You will look amazing and despite the price I really think you should check this product out . 

2. Make up gallery – nude 3- slightly darker that ivory 1 this one will make you look a little darker so it’s perfect for when I do not want too look like I have vampire skin ! The product glides on and will cover any imperfections and is amazing concidering it’s £1 from Poundland ?!?!!!

3. Rimmel wake me up foundation in ivory – 

I used this all the time at college and definetely made me more youthful and makes you brighten up . It’s affordable at £8 however the squirty pump annoys me and I have no idea why aha 

4. L’Oréal true match – vanilla rose –

This is a great foundation and certainly gives you a great glow I would highly recommend it but it does normally cost quite a lot . 

5. Santee foundation – 

I love this foundation however I live in the uk and I can’t get it as it’s American !! But this is silly and easy to apply and gives me a more golden look .

What’s your fav foundation and why? 

Ps . Look on depop people always sell foundation cheap on there 🙂 hope this helps love soap xx

Sleepy Sunday – top 5 favourite items for may

Hey soapies,

In no particular order I picked 5 items that I used a lot / loved in may. It was a hard choice but I think I choose some pretty great products ☺️

In no particular order – 

1. Eyeko London – fat eyestick smoke – 

For me I always wanted a really nice smokey eye and I never could master it however with this stick I can accomplish it . The way the eyestick moves is brilliant with an excellent finish … so why not try it yourself today ? 

2. Topshop lipstick – legend –

This pretty pink colour is something I’ve never had before but I love pink now ! It’s a great stand out colour which makes you look super trendy and cool . I have never tried the topshop lipsticks before however I heard fantastic reviews and I honestly think this is by far one of my fav lipsticks ever ☺️☺️!!

3. Soap and glory – sexy motherpucker- in shade Pom Pom –

Yes you have probably heard enough about this gorgeous lipstick and are bored of me saying it’s great sooo I’ll leave it there… but definitely worth the purchase ! 

4. Make up gallery – ivory 1 – foundation 

From Poundland and an amazing liquid foundation I really love mixing two of the foundations together it suits my skin and I really do think it’s worth the pound !! 

5. The vegetarian by Han Kang –

Captivating . I couldn’t think of a better word for this book . It definitely is something completely different to what I have ever read and really intrigues you as the reader . It is by far now my favourite book . Some say they can not get into it but once you have read the first few pages you are taken into a world of art ,lies and lust . You as the reader are thrown through each characters life . I can not say anymore other than giving this book away but this is something completely of its own . Really love this book . 

So that’s it for this months favourites , what was yours ? Lots of love soap xx

Sleepy Sunday : is Poundland make up worth that pound ? 

Hey soapies ,

I’m back with a new product . I bought a wide variety of foundations from Poundland . This is my personal view so no hate … we all have our opinions! 

The make up gallery make up has stared at me so many times and said “buy me !” But I was resistant until a few days ago when I purchased foundations from Poundland .

Okay yes it was a pound and I’m not looking for an amazing foundation that would cost double that dirt cheap but I really wanted to see what makes this a little ( a lot !!!!) cheaper than my Mac and Rimmel foundations .

1. The bottle size is smaller than most foundations

2. No fancy packaging 

3. No fancy name 

4. The colours don’t Range that much 

5. The thickness 

6. How long it lasts

However the shade ivory 1 looks amazing on me and I honestly think I may use this as a base later to my Mac ! 

It makes me glow and I really think you should take a look in Poundland . What’s your thoughts ? Let me know lots of love soap xoxo ps what you doing this Sunday?