Wild Wednesday- learning German With babbel

Hallo soapies! (bit of german there),

I have decided too learn german and it is so simple with babbel. I have heard of this site for a long time and thought nooooo I do not want to spend that much money however I have discovered they are doing an offer for 6 months free so it will be £30 for a year!

So far it is going quite well they teach you how too speak the language and how too write it. You can also go back through each lesson and you can do it at your own pace. I think it is so easy too learn and I honestly am learning something so fast. They also have an app. What languages did you learn and how did you learn?

lots of love,

soapso xox


I am not really british?!

Hello soapies,

so as I told you yesterday I did the ancestry DNA test. I knew I was going too be British I mean I have british family and somewhere my swiss and German side would come up but I did not realise how much I would be.

I am 73 percent western European- mainly Luxemburg, France, Germany and Switzerland and only 16 percent united kingdom!!!!- I was super shocked at that. I am also many small amounts of other countries too.

I always felt a connection with Switzerland something I can not really say the feelings. It feels almost like you belong there. When I last went too Switzerland people thought I was Swiss and tried too speak too me in German.

The DNA test if you opt for it will tell you who your related too and whether there’s any matches on our trees. I had 40 4th-6th cousins!! I couldn’t believe it and even though right now I can not tell how were related once I have put the full family tree on ancestry I will know.

I would like too tell you that honestly it makes you feel more like you know yourself and you can find people who are all around the world and are actually related too you. If your sceptical I would honestly tell you too just go for it. who knows what you will discover.

lots of love, soap xox

Sleepy sundays- Ancestry DNA

HIIII soapies,

So for my 21st one of my sisters and my mum gave me a ancestry DNA kit. I was thrilled and nervous- it could either make my family tree completely correct or make me question everything.

I was also sceptical about the process- like where does my DNA go? When do I find everything out? but ancestry explain it all the whole way along.

You simply pay for your DNA kit with a £20 delivery charge on top(just too let you know).The DNA kit is sent within a week too your chosen address and inside is a handy guide on how to use your dna kit. Now I honestly thought you used a cotton swab ( I saw it on the Kardashians.. yes I know not the most reliable source but still) but no its a little tube you spit into.

Once you send your DNA off in the uk its flown over too Ireland too be processed. where from then on Ancestry help find out who you are. I am still super nervous and excited. I mean I think I am definitely british, I am quite a bit welsh on my dads side and I should be a tiny bit Scottish from my grandmothers side. I should have swiss, German and Austrian in me from my grandfathers side of the family too. I wonder though if theres anything else.

Let me know if you have used Ancestry or if your scared like me and I will let you know when mine arrives. wish me luck!

lots of love, soap xx