The meals verdict – 10/10?

Okay well tonight’s meal was super delicous however the portions would suit more a single person as they shrunk once cooking . Very delicious but purely based on the portion sizes I wouldn’t buy again . It also left my dish in a state lookI used the antibacterial fairy which was 80p from savers on it and it’s all come up pretty well. Antibacterial washing up liquid was not only cheap and works fab it’s also stopping us from getting all these horrible colds everyone has . What washing up liquid do you use and let’s here your washing up tips on sparkling dishes . Love lots soap xx


Invite a blogger month?!!


Are you a blogger? A wannabe blogger?

Whoever YOU are, I am going to next month have 4 bloggers take over my site (as long as I get enough numbers). All It will be is for 1 post from YOU. show me if your interested below x love soap xx

Veleza app and a new skincare product for me too try 

Hey soapies, 

You may of heard of Veleza? If you Have not it’s an app that has a community of people with all different expertise. You can learn new brands , great products and also tell the world your thoughts on brands and products . You will love it I assure you 💕

I was lucky enough to be sent  a trial of a skincare product . The skincare product is made by El&So . The packaging is very stylish and elegant . It looks instantly like it will make your face brighter and healthier . It’s made in the U.K. I love the smell , it’s refreshing and it feels light when I applied . 

I look forward too the next week trying this product . 

Lots of love,

Soap xx

Home Thursdays- Renting Tips

Hey soapies,

Todays blog is a little different from what I intended but I felt this needed to be addressed as I myself am a renter and I would of loved this blog before renting.

These are some tips I would like to give :

  1. House or flat?:- A house and a flat are not much different apart from the stairs. I would say do what suits you however if your in the uk the more bedrooms you have the more tax. Therefore I would have enough rooms too suit you for instance – your going to be living with your partner first off look for a home which is only one bedroom because it would suit you to only have one bedroom.
  2. check the property out- before laying down any of that hard earned cash check the property. yes rightmove may make this dump of a flat look like a castle … believe it or not a lot of people do not check out the property first. Also check it has everything you need and you can have your pets or children! our flat said no pets but turns out three fish and two hamsters do not count as pets as long as they do not run about.. check with the landlord first though!
  3. What too look for?- wonky door? broken cupboard? leaking sink?- check these little things and make a note of it before you rent, when you rent and after you rent and take pictures… landlords can be crafty people however most are lovely genuine people.
  4. letting- the letting process will take a while and is nerve racking. You will be asked for a referee, your job will have a phone call and they will check your last 6 months of banking statements. They are very picky and therefore before you give the company the fee for the checking of this make sure you are certain that it will go through.
  5. keys- the keys will hopefully be given too you and a lot of paper will be signed. once this has done check the property again and take pictures before notifying anything that had a fault before you moved to the landlord.
  6.  Enjoy- remember moving is stressful but enjoy your first weeks in your new home!


so theres some tips , wnat anymore just ask. whats your tips? love soap xoxox

Fab Fridays  – wardrobe ideas ☺️

Hey soapies ,

You may be a little bit of a clothe a holic or just like too have a nice wardrobe then you have met your blog to read .

Here’s my top guide on getting a good wardrobe and the right one for you .

1. Space – always think about the space you need and the space you have . Get a wardrobe that is adaptable – what I mean by that is one you can take to new homes or place in new places easily . 

2.matching – will your wardrobe match your other furniture and will it simply suit the room .

3. What do you want ?- do you want a mirror ? Enough space for long dresses or more space for underwear ? Decide what you want .

4. Price – sometimes the price can shock you but you have too think can you really afford that and do you need that extra bit or it in that colour or next day delivery ? 

My wardrobe was £200 from a online store on eBay from London who delivered and built the wardrobe within half an hour in my home . The delivery was £30 but it was worth it . 

This is my wardrobe . It’s white and has a old fashioned look too it ! It has a mirror which is lovely too have and it has lots of room . The colour makes the room look brighter and bigger too . Hope this helps you and also helps you decide furniture in general . Speak to you soon love soap Xoxox London candles 

Hey soapies ,

Anyone a candle lover ? Well your in the right place today I’m doing a little review on when I bought a candle from this company not only has cute and great smelling candles but its delivered super fast !

The natural and organic candles come in a little pouch and are all beautifully handcrafted. I loved mine sadly I have used them both 😦 but I shall be purchasing more ☺️!! They last for ages and are a brilliant feature in any room !

Tell me what you think and if you have these gorgeous candles yourself ? Lots of love soap #candle #london #sunday #sundayco #lush #smell #review