Figs and Rouge Ha cream 

Hey soapies,This is amazing stuff ! If you have not tried it you should . 

The silky texture is amazing on your hands and feet and makes you feel the best they could be . 

The tin is awesome and quirky . One little problem is that the cream goes everywhere when You open it . Anyone else tried this? Love soap xx


Nivea pearl and beauty 

Hey soapies ,Today’s post is on making your arms feel good … and smell good !! 

This spray does not sting , does not provide marks and isn’t noticeable when worn. It’s overall great ! What’s your favourite Nivea product and why? And what’s your favourite deodorant ? Let me know . Love you all , soap xx

July fashion favs – socks 

Hey soapies ,

If you know me you will know I love cath kidston style items . These socks scream a vibe of cath kidston and summers favourite thing – Embroided flowers . 

These scrumptious little socks only cost £6.50 from sainsburys and will last me a long time . Tell me in the comments below your favourite pair of socks . Lots of love soap xx

Food – so juicy garlic chicken

Hey soapies ,

Yesterday I felt like not making food for tea ( ever get that? ) so I found one of my so juicy packets .

It’s simple you have the bags and the herbs and you add the chicken too the bag . Remember cook chicken till it’s completely cooked and too check piece a hole through the bag and then a knife through the chicken too check if it’s done .

So here’s the overall score 

Fast cooking ?- 5/10 – depends on the chicken and the oven you have 

Easy too cook – 10/10 

Nice too eat – 10/10

Not spicy – 10/10

So overall this is a new little favourite of mine . What’s your so juicy favourite ? X

Love soap xx

Saturday – h20 blushing orange shampoo by Disney 

Hey soapies ,

Here’s something not many have tried . I have a little bottle from a Disney resort . The bottle is cute with mickey ears ( what could be cuter?!) it’s 37ml and it easily glides onto your hair creating a glossy volumised look . It smells great and I highly recommend. 

Love soap x 

Friday – blotting paper 

Hey soapies ,

I had never used blotting paper before I received this in my pink parcel box . You simply use it over your skin to remove excess shine and it works !! It makes you feel good and look amazing . What blotting paper have you used ? Or have you never used it ? Let me know . Love soap xx