What’s happening soapso ? 

Hey soapies ,

I have been asked where I have been , what I am doing and what’s happening to the blogs. 

A) there will be lots of new blogs everyday however these past few days have been hectic 

B) your all amazing and I really am grateful for you 

C) I have handed in my letter of resignation at work and plan too do some travelling .

So this is where I need your help … for one month I am going to try and travel two places a week but I want it too be quite cheap . Give me suggestions of places and how to get it quite cheap . Let me know . Lots of love soap xxx


Friday – boots glycerin and rose water 

Hey soapies ,

This is a little boots product I’ve used for a bout 2 months and don’t get on with it sooo well now . I innitially hated the smell ! It was too strong but now after two months of use it’s started too hurt my skin now too. 

Anyone else had this problem ? Let me know . Love soap xx

Thursday – patiserrie de Bain caramel whip hand cream

Hello soapies , 

A while back I bought this little product as part of a bundle . To my suprise I met my favourite hand cream ever !

The hand cream comes in a small little squirty tub which has a lid ( you do not want this spilt everywhere!).

The product Apply’s well too your hands and does feel silky smooth . The smell is amazing and does make you a) want too eat it and b) quickly grab your bag and go too the seaside .

Overall this product has a 10/10 for me .

What’s the best part about it ?- it’s not a greasy hand cream it’s a soft silky cream. 

What hand cream do you have ? Let me know xx love soap x

Then no post post ?

Hey soapies ,

I didn’t forget I just didn’t get the time . Yes it is no excuse and I am so sorry but the show must go on so here’s a quick blog on my partners favourite Deodrant .

This spray looks good in the bottle . Is quite tall and lasts a very long time … always good in a product . The spray is strong I find but men for whatever reason like that . 

It does last for a long time when work but I’m not 100 percent sure if it’s 48 hour protection. 

What do you think ? Let me know xx

Monday – forever soap

Hey soapies,

Ironically today I am going to be talking about a soap I use everyday . It’s by the brand forever and costs £15 . 

The products in a big bottle which is sad as I would like it smaller . The product comes out clear yet thick.

It makes your skin silky smooth and can be used by all the family . 

Anyone used any other forever products? 

Love soap xx

Sunday – seacret age defying revive eye serum sample 

Hello soapies,

Today’s post is on a tester I recieved a while back. First off the packaging is neat and looks like an elegant expensive brand.

The product itself comes out clear but is oily and I just feel that let’s it down however I can feel the effects of it . Therefore it is good . It makes me feel more awake too. 

Have you used a sample you loved or found anything oily ? Let me know . Soap xx

Saturday – ginger cream by zoella 

Hey soapies ,

So first off a little sad news , me and dbg inkeds oldest fish nami died yesterday aged 1 years and 9 months ( well since we bought her) .

However the blogs must go on and often enough she would watch me in her tank blog away probably thinking what is she doing ., omg what am I saying ? Aha 

So today’s product is ginger cream . The packaging is stylish and screams zoella . It’s amazing !! 

The smell is like gingerbread and makes you think of the winter . It is a little slimy sadly but it does make you look a lot more shimmery . 

So overall I would give this gorgeous little treat an amazing 10 ! 

Love soap x