WILD WEDNESDAY- Mac Highlighter Review

Hey soapies,

Todays review is on my mac highlighter in the shade double gleam. Mac is obviously a popular brand that does sadly test on animals ( something I do not like) However I know their products look good and last for ages.

The packaging is sleek and looks expensive. Its easy to fit in your bag and even has mac inprinted in the makeup. The make up itself is one in a million. I have never ever ever found a highlighter that is close too it!

You can use it for highlighting your cheeks , lips and I often use a bit on my eye lids. It is relatively expensive however it will last long and looks fab in my eyes. What is your fav highlighter? let me know xox soapso xx

Who had snow today as well?


Saturday 17th June 2017-The major apology! And the Mac select moisture cover concealer 

Hello soapies ,

Today was manic and so I didn’t get a chance too set up my scheduled blog yesterday … very sorry ! 

This concealer is a recent purchase so I am no expert on this .

1. Is it lightweight ?- yes , not only the bottle is easy to travel with but the product stays on your skin all day without you even remembering you put it there 

2. Does the colour suit me ?- yes , the colour matches my mac foundation and does cover my bags ( I know I’m 20 but even I have them 😂)

3. Is the product easy to apply ?- yes , with the applicator it’s simple to put on however one tips is wipe on the side of the tub 3 times the applicator otherwise you will get a massive amount of concealer on your face 

4. Is this a favourite of yours ? – it’s one of my favourites . It’s in the top 5 but isn’t my most favourite 

5. Would I recommend it ?- yes , for general coverage it’s good but for spots or dark circles it isn’t too brilliant .

What’s your thoughts ? Let me know 

Love soap xxx

Thursday – Mac prep and prime

Hey soapies ,

Kinda went all out yesterday and got a lot of mac from the Bristol store . The lady who served me was Carla and she was fantastic and doing my make up so just wanted to put that out there you should so totally ask for her ! 

Here’s one of the products I got and how I feel about it .

The prep and prime was something I had heard was people’s “holy grails” . Often people make things sound better then they are actually are however this is my new “holy grail” ! 

The way the product sprays means it evenly spreads over you face . Carla put a bit on me before applying make up and after . I really find this makes me look a look brighter and feel more awake … is that stupid ? So far I’m in love . Any tips for me or anything you like or dislike about this product ? Let me know love soap xx

Mad Mondays – Top 5 foundations for light skin 

Hey soapies ,

I’m back with a better blog than this morning which I felt lacked a bit of me … mainly because I was tired and had work but no excuses this one is gonna be hella good !! ( wow I have not put that in a while !! ) 

These are my favs in the order I feel is best 

1. Mac moisture spf 15- light and lushious this foundation looks great on . It makes you have a natural glow and dries fast yet stays on … hope that makes sense ! You will look amazing and despite the price I really think you should check this product out . 

2. Make up gallery – nude 3- slightly darker that ivory 1 this one will make you look a little darker so it’s perfect for when I do not want too look like I have vampire skin ! The product glides on and will cover any imperfections and is amazing concidering it’s £1 from Poundland ?!?!!!

3. Rimmel wake me up foundation in ivory – 

I used this all the time at college and definetely made me more youthful and makes you brighten up . It’s affordable at £8 however the squirty pump annoys me and I have no idea why aha 

4. L’Oréal true match – vanilla rose –

This is a great foundation and certainly gives you a great glow I would highly recommend it but it does normally cost quite a lot . 

5. Santee foundation – 

I love this foundation however I live in the uk and I can’t get it as it’s American !! But this is silly and easy to apply and gives me a more golden look .

What’s your fav foundation and why? 

Ps . Look on depop people always sell foundation cheap on there 🙂 hope this helps love soap xx

Fab Fridays – prom lipstick ideas 

Hey soapies ,

It’s prom season and I know how you all wanna be a princess for your prom so here’s some of mine and dbg inkeds favourite colours so you can look fab and maybe kiss that Prince ( if you have any in your school haha !!) 

1. Pink – Mac wear with flare – costs £12- shimmering and a light touch perfect for natural make up and looks perfect in any light … perfect for a pink princess 

2. Red – avon 2000 red – price unknown – perfect for you if you want too be daring and dbg inked says it’s “red” and “good for kissing “… soooo girls it’s noticeable !! I definetely feel this colour is perfect and it lasts for a long time 

3. Dark pink – Rimmel Kate 05- £5 approx – this lipstick not only lasts for ages but makes your natural beauty stand out , be careful as these lipsticks look lighter than when actually applied.

4. Orange – Barry m 151- unknown –

Unique and soooo different it’s for a girl who is the trend setter . Orange is a daring colour but I think this year is the year to try it and this colour is perfect for you if you want something that stands out from the crowd .. who wants to be the boring girl ??

5. Purple – soap and glory in Pom Pom- £15 approx – my fav lipstick and lovely colour , it will make you feel amazing and lasts for so long you don’t need to check yourself in the mirror .

What’s your thoughts ? What did you use at your prom ?  Speak soon love soap xox 

Sleepy Sunday : is Poundland make up worth that pound ? 

Hey soapies ,

I’m back with a new product . I bought a wide variety of foundations from Poundland . This is my personal view so no hate … we all have our opinions! 

The make up gallery make up has stared at me so many times and said “buy me !” But I was resistant until a few days ago when I purchased foundations from Poundland .

Okay yes it was a pound and I’m not looking for an amazing foundation that would cost double that dirt cheap but I really wanted to see what makes this a little ( a lot !!!!) cheaper than my Mac and Rimmel foundations .

1. The bottle size is smaller than most foundations

2. No fancy packaging 

3. No fancy name 

4. The colours don’t Range that much 

5. The thickness 

6. How long it lasts

However the shade ivory 1 looks amazing on me and I honestly think I may use this as a base later to my Mac ! 

It makes me glow and I really think you should take a look in Poundland . What’s your thoughts ? Let me know lots of love soap xoxo ps what you doing this Sunday? 

Mad Mondays – Mac lipstick in shade wear with flare

Hello soapies ,

Ugh it’s Monday … I’ve just finished my nightshift  and feel kinda like I’m slowly closing my eyes whilst you probably are getting ready for a busy day so I should probably just start this blog ! 

My very first Mac lipstick was bought by George in clarks village . This was also the second item George had ever bought me . Here’s my little review on it and also send me some recommendations of lipsticks I should try or blog posts you want me too do ❤️

1. Does the packaging look good ?:- yes it definetely looks great and very sleek . The black makes the product look like it cost more than it did.

2. Can I travel with it ?- I am going to be honest yes it’s the perfect size but the product itself easily melts hence the weird shape of it now lol 

3. Does the shade suit all skin tones ?- most definetely and it will make your lips sparkle 

4. Do you feel like your wearing lipstick?- you can feel the creamy texture but I’m going to be honest I forget I have this one on ! 

5. Does it last all day? – no sadly only till a maximum of 4 hours 😦 wish it did though! 

6. Does it crack ?- yes if it’s hot whether it does 

7. Does it smell ?- yes and I can not describe it but it’s soooo nice and I would say addictive but that just sounds weird so I will leave it at- it has a nice smell 🙂 

8. Would I recommend you buy this product? – I would say yes for a gorgeous colour and a Mac product but I feel if you want too wear this product in heat then do not buy it !! 

So there’s a super quick review … what’s your thoughts ? Let me know lots of love soap xxx