Cruelty free : B by Superdrug

Hey soapies ,

So like many of you I’m sure you want cruelty free things like myself however think like myself that everything is so damn expensive however that is a lie … I’ve found bargain make up !

I wondered into Superdrug thinking I’m looking for something expensive and nearly gave up. I asked the lovely assistant if she knew any brands and she recommended B by Superdrug which is amazing . It’s not only cheap but it lasts for ages and has a squirty pump . Not only is it for vegans or cruelty free but it’s paraben free which means no nasty chemicals on your face . Many brands rely on you having those chemicals on your face because then you buy more products to try and cover your face because they cause spots , blemishes and more beauty dramas .

What’s your fav cruelty free brand and tell me your take on it as well as recommend me some new products or things you’d like me to test .

Lots of love ,

Soap xoxox


WILD WEDNESDAY- Mac Highlighter Review

Hey soapies,

Todays review is on my mac highlighter in the shade double gleam. Mac is obviously a popular brand that does sadly test on animals ( something I do not like) However I know their products look good and last for ages.

The packaging is sleek and looks expensive. Its easy to fit in your bag and even has mac inprinted in the makeup. The make up itself is one in a million. I have never ever ever found a highlighter that is close too it!

You can use it for highlighting your cheeks , lips and I often use a bit on my eye lids. It is relatively expensive however it will last long and looks fab in my eyes. What is your fav highlighter? let me know xox soapso xx

Who had snow today as well?

Day 3- Calvin Klein 209

Hey soapies ,
This one is thin and small . Being light it's easy too find a place for it . This colour is very rosey and is perfect for when you want a little bit of colour too add to your lips .

It's actually one of my favourites. The colour lasts a long time and stands out . It's a great product but I wouldn't expect anything less from Calvin Klein .. would you?
Have you used any Calvin Klein make up? X love soap x

Model co – highlighting trio 

Hey soapies ,I’m back with another little post ! I’ve been doing a lot of photography over the past few days and had a little trip away for the day so I apologise .. no I did not do a gossip girl and forget you ! 
Today’s post is on a product by a company I had heard great things about – model co . This is the highlighting trio . It’s small and compact . Great colouring however I feel it’s too liquidy too the touch ( does that make sense ?) and is hard too put on . Has anyone else found this or used model co products before ? Let me know xx love soap xx

Monday – smashbox photofinish primer

Hey soapies ,

I have a feeling I have done a post on this little primer before however I have been asked too show all 33 items in my top make up draw . 

So this item is a tad expensive ( however I got it cheaper on a plane ). I had heard of smashbox products and dared to buy one . This primer says it has no oil however it is the MOST oilest primer ever. 

However does it do what it says? Yes you will look like a model or a edited picture . It will make your make up look flawless.

It will be noticeable to you that it’s on ( it feels sticky ) but all your friends will envy you . What’s your fav primer ? Let me know love soap xx

Make up Monday – foundation tips 

Hey soapies ,

This is a quick blog and isn’t anything too brilliant . Here’s some quick tips 

1. Brush or sponge – use what you want however I feel for a base layer use a brush then to make sure there’s no streaks . Nothing worse than that!

2. Colour –

Check your colour is right ! To do this go to a beauty expert at a local beauty place for instance mac or boots . Try testers . Do not ever feel obligated to buy that “super perfect foundation ” when you think hellllll no I look weird as hell . It’s okay to just ask for advice .

3. Light – use a light and 2 mirrors . Why two ? Because you want different lights to make sure it looks okay . You do not want too have a line where your natural skin tone is shown

Give me some tips . Speak soon , love soap xx