Dbg inkeds takeover Thursday : my review on alien covenant ! 

Hello soapies, this is DBG inked, me and soapso watched Alien covenant earlier this week and she asked me to do a quick review of the film as I have watched all the others, this will be a vague rewiew as to not spoil the film for any soapies looking to view it, out of a possible 10 I would give this film a solid 6, although it was a step up from Prometheus it still wasn’t close to living up to the original film’s, I enjoyed the start of the film and the atmosphere however I found the character depth just wasn’t there you couldn’t invest or feel for any of the people in it, the story line was far from the classic alien and more a continuation of Prometheus, the plot holes and inconsistencies made the film lose a lot of its effect. Furthermore some scenes weren’t needed and scenes that where needed weren’t there, all this being said the film did have amazing visual effects, a great amount of gore and a amazing sound track. Even with its faults it still made for a good thriller/horror and if the name on it wasn’t Alien I would of enjoyed it a lot more. As well as this In my personal opinion if they made Prometheus and Alien Covenant a film series on its own (changed the name of this film to just covernant and changed the aliens slightly as the new virus idea and aliens looked incredible) it could of been a stand alone amazing series but as alien movies they just don’t feel right, to finalise this movie was a good space horor/thriller but a bad aliens movie. I would like to thank soapso for a chance to write on her blog and thank all the soapies out there for reading, by all means please comment with your opinions of the movie but please no hate as this is my personal review of the film and might not be yours. Kind regards DBG inked 


Saturday – real techniques stippling brush 

Hiya soapies , 

So as you can see this post is on the real techniques stippling brush . I bought my very first brush by them in August 2014 ( I think it was 2014) in Superdrug with my friend Shannon who convinced me they were amazing . I remember staring at this brush for about half an hour thinking how the hell does this work ? What do I do ? It’s spiked… how do you use it with spikes? Did I just waste another £10? … Welllll all those years on I have had two stippling brushes 

Here’s a tip this brush is good for foundation which is liquid so Rimmel and revlon ones are good however I find Mac gives you lines when using this brush . You can use it on your cheeks too look amazing . 

This is a finishing brush so you will look perfect ! The bristles feel smooth and glide well and it’s easy to hold . However I feel there are better real techniques brushes anyone else feel that?  and I have not completely mastered using this little cute brush ! What’s your tips and do you like real techniques? Let me know x lots of love soap x